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The Tradgedy of Julius Caesar

No description

Allison Garbini

on 21 March 2011

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Transcript of The Tradgedy of Julius Caesar

Tragedy Of Julius Caesar Julius Caesar's death
at the capitol. By William His plays were
performed at the
Globe Theater in
Fact: At the time only
men were allowed
to act.No WOMEN! The Globe Theatre The Globe Theatre The Shakespeare Act 1 Festival of Lupercal February 15th Caesar goes to the festival and on his way he is confronted by the Soothsayer, who tells him "Beware the ides of March." During the games Cassius talks to Brutus about Caesar being too powerful. Also Caesar is given the crown three times and refuses. Early morning Act 2 Brutus's House Brutus finds letters about the wrong doings of Caesar. Cassius and his gang show up at Brutus's house. They discuss a plan on how to get rid of Caesar. After they leave Portia comes out and wants to know what's going on, and Brutus refuses to tell her. Later the group goes to Caesar's house to take him to the capitol. At Caesar's house Calphurnia wakes up from a bad dream about Caesar dying. Due to the dream Caesar decides not to go to the capitol. Decius shows up and tells Caesar the dream is all miss interpeted. So Caesar decides to go to the capitol.

Act 3 Late morning Cassius, Brutus and the others take Caesar to the capitol. On there way Artemidorus tries warning Caesar of their evil plan, but he fails. Once they've gone to the capitol Trebonius takes Anthony away. So once inside they crowd Caesar and stab him to death! Then they cover themselves in Caesar's blood. Anthony returns to the capitol, and pretends to be okay with the plan. Brutus allows Anthony to speak at the pulpit under four conditions: by permission of Brutus, after Brutus, speak good of Caesar, and can't blame them. Brutus speaks to the crowd and they agree with him...at first. After Brutus, Anthony speaks to the crowd, and gets them mad at Brutus and the other tratiors and wants revenge. Act 4 March 15th March 15th Anthony, Octavius, and Lepidus make a list of people to get rid of. At Brutus's tent, him and Cassius argue over Cassius paying the soldiers with money he recieved from bribes. During the conversation Cassius finds out Portia is dead. Later that night while Brutus was asleep, the ghost of Caesar came to him in a dream. Act 5 Brutus and Cassius try talking to Anthony and Octavius, but it doesn't work. Then the battle begins! Cassius tells Titinius to find out what's happening on the battle field. He also tells Pindarus to climb further up on the hill and tell him what's going on. Pindarus sees Titinius being captured. Upon Pindarus's discovery Cassius asks Pindarus to kill him. Pindarus then kills Cassius and flees! Titinius returns finding Cassius dead, places the crown of victory on his dead body and kills himself. Brutus finds everyone dead, and asks his servant Strato to take his sword and allow him to run into it. Brutus dies! Battle Field

Orderliness and stable rule, by a dictator, are preferable to chaos. True True True True/False? True When kings/presidents die people may
go crazy and make bad decisions. Brutus wanted to kill Caesar
for the good of Rome. Telling a friend that you saw their boy friend cheating on them. When Anthony talks to the crowd he pursuades them that what Brutus and cassius did was wrong and that they were traitors. Canidates running for president pursuade groups of people to vote for them. Killing people is morally wrong ,
but if done for a good reason
then it may be moral. When Adolf Hitler ruled, parts of the world were in chaos and people were killing groups of people just because they were a different religion. Chaos results when the lawful social order is broken. The best intentions of good, noble people can lead to tragedy. Language is a powerful weapon, and in the hands of a skilled person, it can be used to manipulate others. Violence and blood shed can never have morally good results. Act3 scene2
"Not that I loved Caesar less, but that I loved Rome more" -Brutus

Act3 scene1
" Et tu, Brute! "
-caesar Act 2 scene1
But 'tis a common proof that lowliness is young ambition's ladder, whereto the climber upward turns his face; but when he once attains the upmost round, he then unto the ladder turns his back,looks in the clouds,scorning the base degrees,by which he did ascend. -Brutus Act2 scene1
Our course will seem to bloody, Caius Cassius, to cut of the head off and then hack the limbs, like wrath in death and envy afterwards; for Antony is but a limb of Caesar. Let's be sacrificers, not butchers,Caius.
-Brutus Act2 scene1
Brutus is wise and, were he not in health, he would embrace the means to come by it.
-Portia Philippi The Globe Theatre also referred to as the Shakespeare Theatre was built in 1599 by the Shakespeare company.Later it was rebuilt in 1993 due to a fire in the first globe theatre.Many vast varieties of play were and have been performed in the theatre from comidies to tragedies,these plays are represented by different colored flags desplayed on the stage.the new theatre is located 200 yards from the site of the original globe theatre.The grand opening was on June 12,1997. In attendance to the grand opening was the majesty herself and prince Philip. The theatre is still open today and original plays of Shakespeare are still performed,but with women include. Sardis By Christine Gray and Allison Garbini
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