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Seminole Indians

No description

cuong nguyen

on 1 May 2014

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Transcript of Seminole Indians

The Seminole Indians hunt Raccoons,Bobcats,Turtles,Alligators,Birds,and Deers.They picked wild Pineapples,Mangoes,Guava, Oranges,and Mulberry trees.They planted Pumpkins,Pawpaws,and Corn.They make Cornbread, Cornflour, Corn pancakes,and a Corn drink called Sofkee.The women farmed and the men hunted.
The Seminole indians make necklaces and earings out of seashells.They weaved baskets out of a log,which they peel the bark, make it smooth and then weave it. They carved their knives.They did lots of bead work.
ee-cho = deer
ya-laahe = orange
o-pa = owl
hen-la = squirrel
sho-ke = pig
laa-le = fish
yok-che = turtle
chen-te = snake
ke-hay-ke = hawk
nak-ne = man
coo-wah-chobee = big cat
kowechobe = panther
wannke-cha-be = dragon fly
ee-te-yo-ga-he = fire
hah-yo-ke = chickee roof
cha-cee = pumpkin
numpagalaale = flowers are yellow
ko-wah-yah-lot-tochene-pahen-empom = three horses are eating hay
Seminole Indians
By:Naomi Gritton

The Seminole indians lived in houses called Chikees.Chickee means house in the Creek and Mikasuki languages,but is spoken by the Seminole tribe.Chickees have no walls, and the floor is about 4ft from the ground to keep out snakes, and other land animals.They use pine wood to use as poles to hold up the roof.The roof is made out of palmetto.Palmetto is a type of palm tree leaf.In stormy weather, they would go inside their Chickees, and put bear skin and use it as walls.They live in Florida.
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