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Jamaican Powerpoint

No description

Ian Pirkey

on 22 March 2013

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Transcript of Jamaican Powerpoint

Flag Physical Facts Quick Facts Adopted Aug. 6, 1962 Capital- Kingston
Large Cities- Spanish Town; Port Antonio
Bodies of Water- Caribbean Sea; Atlantic Ocean
Physical Features- Blue Mt.; Rio Cobre River
Longitude/Latitude- 18.1315, 77.2736
Location- in Caribbean, close to Haiti and Cuba Yellow- symbol of sunshine and resources
Green- land and hope of future
Black- burdens borne by the people History Jamaica is siezed by British 1992 2002 Port Royal destroyed by earthquake. Spanish Town becomes capital. Kingston is founded. Slavery is abolished. 1997 Banana plantations are set up as sugar cane industry declines 2007 Jamaica become member of the West Indies 2012 Climate tropical; hot humid; temperate interior Rainfall Temperature 71 degrees- 89 degrees 32.0 in- 121.9 in Land Regions are eastern, western, and central. Resources are bauxite, gypsum, limestone. arable land- 15.83%
(wheat, maize, rice)
permanent crops- 10.01%
(citrus, coffee, rubber)
other- 74.16%
(pastures, forest) Vegetation and Wildlife Plants-bamboo, ferns, ebony, mahogany Animals-Jamaican Huita, Yellow/Black Billed Parrot ,
Stream Tail Humming Bird Government President- Prime Minister Portia Simpson-Miller Constitutional Monarchy, Parliamentary System, Democracy Constitutional system in which hereditary monarch is sovereign and head of state Jamaica. Culture Sport Most popular in Jamaica. National team has won 10 regional, 4 day competitions. Also won 7 WICB cups. Cricket Also played for West Indies. Won 1975 World Cup. Culture Food Novel and fusion techniques. Various dishes from cultures. Variety of seafood and fruits. Foods- curry goat, fried plantain, "jerk", ackee salt fish Famous Person Usain Bolt Dynamic Sprinter Born Aug 21, 1986 1st to hold both 100m and 200m world records. 1st to win 6 gold medals in sprinting. Nick Name- Lightning Bolt Tourist Spot Mystic Mt. Amusement Park in Ocho Rios. The Rain Forest Sky Explorer is a chairlift. A Restaurant is on top of chairlift. Also bobsled ride. Tourist Spot Frenchman's Cove Resort Used to be called Frenchman's Cove Hotel. Seven Miles Beach Queen Elizabeth was a guest. Most expensive with $1000 a week. Works Cited Google
CIA World Fact Book
Country Reports pd. 3 Jamaica Prezi Official Name- Jamaica
Government Type- Constitutional Monarchy
Independence- Aug. 6, 1962
Leader- Prime Minister Portia Simpson-Miller
Population- 2,889,187
Official Language- English, English Patois
Religions- Protestant 62.5%; Christian 7.7%; None 20.9%
Ethnic Groups- black 91.2%; mixed 6.2%; other 2.6%
Exports- alumina,bauxite,sugar,rum,coffee,yams, beverages,chemicals,apparel,mineral fuels
Currency- Jamaican dollars
GDP- $9,100
Life Expectancy- Male=71.78; Female=75.15
Literacy- 87.9%
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