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Things To Do Before You Die

No description

Cameron Gulbronson

on 3 December 2014

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Transcript of Things To Do Before You Die

Produced over 6 albums
3 bad members
They are all English
They all grew up together
Marianas Trench
Four Band Members
They all went to the same high school
Produced 3 albums
The Summer Set
Produced 3 albums
2 EP albums
Coming out with another
Quit high school to start recording first album
Katy Perry
Singer and Actress
Produced 5 albums, one of which is Greatest Hits
She started singing when she was only 15
Top 8 Bands/Singers
Lucy Hale
Country singer
Actress on the hit T.V. show
Pretty Little Liars
Produced one album
One Direction
Went on the X-factor
Got second, but still got a record label
Produced 4 albums since then
Their latest album came out less than a month ago
5 band members
This singer/songwriter has produced five consecutive albums
She has written all of her songs
Produced her first album when she was only 16 years old
Johnny Cash
Started recording in 1955
Singer, author, and actor
Produced over 4 albums
Guns n' Roses
Produced over 3 albums
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