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The Connected Car

DAT 605 project

joseph brunette

on 11 September 2013

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Transcript of The Connected Car

The Connected Car
Gloria Kimbwala
Damon Cook
Dinusha Gamage
Fernando Delgado-Chavez
Joseph Brunette

Use Case

Vehicle Notification Services
Manufacture recalls
Scheduled maintenance
Cloud based maintnance history
Vehicle diagnostics

Security – Exposure
Traditional Computing
– Security is simple, platform is isolated to a degree
– More exposure to malware due to single target
– Availability of data also at-risk due to single point
of failure

Cloud Computing
– Attached device, or vehicle is distributed data
– Possible exposure of corporate providers
– Availability not an issue, generally
Security – Attack Vectors
Vehicle-attached Cloud Attack Vectors
– Remote (via IP) using vehicle-unit accepted
protocols and exploiting known vulnerabilities
– Locally (via external media) using malformed or
bad data to exploit local weaknesses

– Certificate-based (X.509) Authentication Between

Providers and Vehicle units
– Storage Isolation and Data Execution Prevention
on Removable Media (read-only access)
Security – Privacy
Data Privacy in Vehicle-attached Cloud
– GPS position & location information
– Mileage, driving habits and fueling statistics
– Exposure to cameras or other vehicle-attached

User Control
– Implement Fully-exposed User Security Control
Features to allow user to select/de-select
• Implement Any Features as “Disabled by default”
– Context menus explain benefits & drawbacks of
enabling specific features
Exposure: Traditional Computing vs. Cloud/Attached Appliance Computing
Attack Vectors & Mitigations
Data Privacy & User Control
Electronic Control Units (ECU)
Commonly more than one ECU make up what is most commonly called a Cars Computer.
Complexity, Flexibility and Power
Future Applications vs Current Applications
The future of Technology, Innovation, and Dedication
Current Application of Service
Emergency Service
Adaptation of Current Technology
Web Link with Hotspot Provisioning
Mobile networking with Data
Access Authentication
Drive Thru Recognition
Proprietary Information
Open Architecture with inclusion of Proprietary Modules
Advantages to Proprietary Solutions
Unique Branding
Interoperable between Makes/Models
Disadvantages to Proprietary Solutions
Reliable Solution across platforms (Makes/Models)
Installation of aftermarket Solution
Current Systems
Toyota Entune
• Toyota Monet
• Toyota G-Book and G-Book Mx
• Lexus Enform
• Chrysler UConnect
• Ford SYNC
• Ford Myford Touch
• Audi MMI
• BMW Connected
• MINI Connected
• Tesla (Full web browser in dashboard)LTE Connected Car by Alcat
LTE Connected Car by Alcatel-Lucent
Hands Free Calling
911 Assist
Audible Text Messages
Internet Connectivity
Video Player
Vehicle Health Report
Voice Touch Climate
Command Center
Driving Efficiencies

Technology Used
Use Cases
What is a Connected Car?
Insurance Discounts
Send real data to insurance companies
Policies based on driving statistics for the day prior
Accurate information if involved in a crash
Cloud goes everywhere
Cloud based media all the time!!!
Road Trips
Forgot cell phone
VOIP calling
*Connection available through ODB-II Port
Reduce claims volume

Reduce claims processing time
Increase insurance rate

Data versus customer feedback
Endless Possibilities
Toll Roads

Fast Food

Teenager driving habits

Drunk driver vehicle shut down

Social media post of driving habits

Home automation interaction
But Beware...
More computing technology in cars can only lead to more:
driver distractions
higher vehicle cost
subscription fees
Vehicle to Vehicle Communication
Different Types of Car Communication
Infotainment System
The Connected Consumer
The Future of Connected Cars
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