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marketing plan

No description

Rakesh Kasturi

on 9 January 2013

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Transcript of marketing plan

gofish we market your music! music with historical significance and deeper meaning
exotic interest in loreto and her music
premium positioning
latin american influence
multiple marketing channels strengths weakness Foreign language
No experience in the German market
Lack of basic equipment
NO financial basis Threats Local acceptance levels
comparable local singers
local music trends
other activities and events in the local calendar opportunities Huge awareness of Latin american culture/music/dance
Discerning and musically knowledgeable German audience
Old-fashioned trends live again
Co-branding with other acts possible SWOT Our Story Channels Music History Songs of revolution
Songs of hope
Mood:melancholy Great vocals & guitar
Emotional connect
Strong musical base Offline - Start with Nürtingen
- Cover Ulm & Stuttgart Online - central landing page
- social media Collaborators Higher Level - Known Latin-American band touring Germany

- Opening act for known German band with a Latin-American connection

- Tango festivals

- Latin-American Movie promotions Common Level - Poetry Slams
- Latin American Restaurants
- Cultural festivals/events
- Special micro-communities/travel
groups with interest in Latin
Young Urban Professionals LOHAS
Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability Group 1 Group 2 Best Agers (Silver Generation) Positioning
Urban citizens with disposable income
Men, Women > 30
Middle/Upper Middle class
No kids, teens, early 20s jan Make music samples (mp3 & CD)
Build bio & catchphrase
Build online presence
Make presskit
Collect location infos & contacts
Start calling!
Target summer events play "get noticed" concerts
distribute music samples at concerts
make mailing lists
Ask HfWU Intl. Office for references
get an article in local papers
network to find paid concerts feb+mar play "get paid" concerts
talk to radio stations
connect with community apr+may play exclusive concerts
start blogging
negotiate long term contracts if possible
target fall/winter events
nurture community june, july and august play concerts regularly
take bookings for 2014
introduce crowdfunding model to community september Go free initially
Offer value-pricing for first gigs
Construct win-win situations with a future outlook Pricing strategy Budgets First quarter : negligible sales but spread the word Second quarter : Increase the sales by getting atleast 1 concert a month Third quarter : Focus on regular sales and create new products Objectives Action
Program listening Group 3 "If the milk industry can make their product sexy and increase consumer demand, there must be hope for music" today's specials! executive summary / elevator pitch product introduction & description market positioning & analysis marketing strategies financial model conclusion elevator
pitch We connect aspiring international musicians with local communities in Germany. WANTED
funding! classical
music mainstream
music Marketing
Goals Target
Segment * creation of brand awareness
* build a community of 500
listeners within 3 months
* acquire atleast 1 paid
concert a month
* sell atleast 3 exclusive
home-concerts in 6 months Loreto Pino
Norambuena songs to melt your heart
songs to give you hope
songs for a new tomorrow PRODUCT ecosystem Typical Customers Günther (65) & Annemarie Thaller (67) Andreas Pichler, 33 4P 4A seller customer price product place promotion affordability acceptability availability awareness Test.Improve.Perfect.Announce
-Do things to get noticed
-Do things for money marketing strategy - first product:loreto
- other products in the pipeline
- can diversify into event management EUR350 : 2 concerts
EUR500 : exclusive house-concert -build own network
-work with agents
-access online & offline -word-of-mouth
-newsworthy articles
-local newsletters
-social media ? -L.A. restaurants
-Local venues Crowdfunding model get noticed! get paid!! Pay for 1; Get 2!
EUR350 for 2 concerts EUR500 for
house-concert Identify
Multiplicators Fulfill
commitments &
expand to partnership Build a Community Build
Relationships Cost Structures Revenue Streams Key Metric Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)
a prediction of the net profit attributed to the entire future relationship with a customer Avg Monthly Revenue per Customer * Gross Margin per Customer) / Monthly Churn Rate
EUR100 * 10% margin / 5% churn = EUR200 CLV -connect high quality amateur musicians with local communities
-innovative funding model
*individual contributions from EUR1,00 to EUR1.000 or more
*funding goal :EUR10.000 in 12 months
-realistic and performance-oriented
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