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Library Safari - Bio's blank

No description

Jennifer Ridout

on 5 February 2014

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Transcript of Library Safari - Bio's blank

2004 - Volunteer - Disability Rights Commission Library

2006 - Trafford Council. E-Services Assistant Librarian

2008 - Access Trafford. Information Librarian

2010 - Preston's College. Librarian

2013 - Bath Spa University. Academic Services Librarian (Facilities)
"Originally , when I decided that I wanted to work in libraries it was because I imagined that I’d be skipping around, dancing with books and reading on rocking chairs all afternoon"

“I wasn’t thinking of librarianship at all until I was working in a temporary clerical job at Manchester Polytechnic Library and the Head Librarian suggested it. ...It was only after working there as a graduate trainee that I realised it was the perfect job for me!”
Melissa Collier-Baker (BSU Library Assistant)
“I became disillusioned with publishing...it became more a question of simply transferring files around. I got to know the librarian who ran it (Publishers Information Service) and realised that library work was a way to regain what I felt I was losing in publishing...making good-quality information available to people who needed it.”
“I was inspired by the helpfulness of librarians that I have come across….One was an Information Librarian at University of Bath ...who helped me find a book…. I’ve never forgotten how helpful he was.”
“I was unhappy working in law,,,so moved to a bookshop. Working with books was the thing I most enjoyed, and I liked the customer service aspect”
“I realised the skills I did like using were in helping others with information and advice. Therefore I searched for suitable alternative roles which used these skills and library work was the one that appealed to me the most”
House of Commons
Database and Journal Suppliers
Public Health
British Aerospace
Scottish Heritage
Environment Agency
Armed Forces
Career Services
Children's Information Services
Information and Content Developer at Chartered Management Institute
Research Services Librarian with Open Access portfolio
Data & Information Process Officer - Digital Library, (Information Literature, Knowledge Management and Research.)
Evidence Support Officer (NHS)
Head of Content for Monitoring Media Firm
Head of Web Services
Search Engine Evaluator
Online Content Specialist
Learner Engagement
Coordinator of Library Outreach and Assessment
Copyright and Compliance Officer
Careers Information Assistant
Next Steps and Additional Resources:

CILIP - Chartered Institute of Library and Information professionals: www.cilip.org.uk
Special Library Association : www.sla-europe.org

Get Experience

Graduate Traineeship

Build Networks
Knowledge and Information
Store, utilise, create, organise, manage, develop
Collection Management
IT and Communication
Leadership and Advocacy
Research Skills
Customer Focus
Literacies and Learning
Strategy and Planning
Key Skills
Continuing Professional Development
Reflective Practice
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