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Portrayal of women in Pakistani dramas

No description

danyal naim

on 20 April 2015

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Transcript of Portrayal of women in Pakistani dramas

Common stereo types of women in Pakistani dramas

Importance of Pakistani dramas
Social message
Women's role

Golden era of Pakistani dramas
Portrayal of women
- Nature of roles
- Dress code
- Make up
From the past to the present
Existence of transition
Importance of education
Women dress code
Change in the type of marriages
Women empowerment in the past
The Indian influence & our dramas
The idea of female empowerment took a back seat in 2000s

Heavy make-up objectifying women

Women's lives restricted to love affairs

Introduction of conspiracy culture
The roaring 1970sand 1980s

Classic pakistani dramas depicted women as career oriented

Female protagonists depicted as very ambitious and family oriented

Wore eastern wear but had western hairstyles
The focus shifted....
Where are we standing today?
Subjective view of female empowerment

Dress code broadened to include western and Indian wear

Women depicted as heads of the families

Social issues related to women highlighted
A great display of diversity in terms of female characterization

Relate able dramas produced to attract diverse audience

Competition between channels encourage them to play safe

No experimenting with styles-glamour restricted

Elevation of women is under progress
Gender equality has a long way to go in Pakistan

Gender equality has progressed significantly in Pakistani dramas
Women are defined by their relation to men
Women were shown to worth less than men
Number 1 : The arrogant socialite
Strong willed and wealthy
Mother of obedient sons
A little oppressive
Number 2 : The spoilt rich girl
Younger level of the previous stereotype
Always portrayed as a bad character
Despite being lazy they manage to get in top universities
Usually attired in modern clothing like sleeveless t shirts and jeans
Number 3 : The victimized woman AKA "The mazloom aurat"
The most common stereotype
Suffer constant emotional and sometimes physical abuse
Despite all the injustice they maintain a cheerful facade to their marriage
Number 4 : The manipulating vixen
Fortunately never gets the hero
Attention seeker
Destroys her marriage in the effort of regaining the lost attention
Causes trouble for the hero too
Women’s rights are at the forefront of a new spate of fiction and non-fiction films/dramas

Women in Pakistani dramas are deviating from being shown as one dimensional characters


Cases and examples
'Khandani' politics and scheming in-laws

Women portrayed as petty creatures

Women who make their own decisions are evil
Madiha Maliha
Women stereotyped as weak
Inability of women to stand up for themselves is portrayed as a virtue
'Hina' the helplessly dependent wife
'Marina' the headstrong and ambitious wife
Man jali
A story of a womans sacrifice
Out of ideas?
Danyal Naim Mirza
Baqar Jafri
Syed Sarim Sami
Anjali Chawla
Fatima Raza

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