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Witchcraft in Galica

No description

Lindley Griffin

on 10 March 2014

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Transcript of Witchcraft in Galica

Witchcraft in Galicia
Witchcraft in Galicia
Galicia Background
Galicia is a community located in the North West corner of the Iberian peninsula of Spain with a population of 2.76 million people. They have their own language called Gallego. Galicians have a very well know reputation of being very ambiguous and crafty. Galicia is known in Spain as the "Land of the 1000 Rivers" because the rivers cross all the region from the mountainous inland to the coast.
What is Witchcraft?
Witchcraft is essentially a pagan religion with a long history that stretches back to the beginning of human time. Witches, shamans and medicine people performed rituals that influenced the gods and goddesses that early humans believed ruled the world. Witches were originally thought to be healers who nurtured as well as destroyed. But belief in such power inevitably inspired fear, as well. Witches, who were predominantly women, were often forced to live on the outskirts of acceptable society. Witchcraft has evolved over the centuries to encompass a wide variety of beliefs and practices.
Religion in Galicia
Roman Catholicism is the central religious force in the Galician society. Many Galician's beliefs are infused with supernaturalism and are sometimes viewed as a religion. There are many ceremonies preformed with the beliefs of Roman Catholicism and supernaturalism such as fig-symbol amulets, scapulars, and other objects used to ward off the evil eye. The sorcery traditions in Galicia are very similar to the Celtic culture. Some people believe that witches and their secret meetings were a vindication of the female social role. Witches were the first to join to Catholic church because of their devotion to Saint Comba.
Galician Ceremonies
In Galicia, the traditions are Celtic, similar to those found in Britain, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. A common ritual performed in Galicia is to remove the Mal de Ojo or the Evil Eye. Brujas (witches) believe that the Evil Eye can be put upon anyone by an ill-wisher. Even someone simply feeling annoyed with you can put the hex on you. "We can cure sunstroke by a ritual involving a glass of water with a cloth over the top, placed on the head", says Dolores Ybanez Angulo, a Bruja from Spain, "If the water boils, it is removing the effect of the sunstroke. I have seen it done, many times."
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