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Dana Brennand

on 27 February 2013

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Transcript of PREP

Accessible Learning Services (ALS) Student Role Students should be able to answer the following... Faculty Role From Secondary

Post Secondary What are my strengths? Provide opportunities for students with disabilities to identify themselves at an appropriate time and in a confidential place.

Maintain student's rights regarding confidentiality. What are my
Strengths? What are
my areas of challenge? What is my disability? What is my disability? What is my disability and how does my disability affect my learning? What accommodations work best for me? How do I explain what I need to my Instructors? R O S S What are
responsibilities? ALS Role ALS develops Accommodation plans, based on documentation, for students with disabilities who self-identify .
We are currently serving almost 15% of the student population.
A partnership between Students, ALS and Faculty ensures Student Success.
If you are unsure if a student in your class should be registered with ALS, send them to Student Advisement.
Provide an inclusive and non-discriminatory learning environment for students with disabilities.

When a student requests to write a test with ALS, faculty will complete their portion of the 'Testing Accommodation' form and submit to the Assessment Centre. Service coordination with Faculty, Student and ALS Advisor Work together with Accessible Learning in providing authorized academic accommodations and/or support services for the student.

Inform Accessible Learning of any disability-related issues/concerns.
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