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UXpert Portfolio

No description

NItzan Avitouv

on 27 January 2017

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Transcript of UXpert Portfolio

Why Us
We make our customers happy
Proven track record

Diverse experience

Winning combination of skills

Fun to work with
It was a privilege working with UXpert on several projects that I conducted at Bank Hapoalim. UXpert is a very professional company with expertise in UX and UI.
We hired the services of UXpert to design the bank's website and mobile applications and the results exceeded all expectations!
We look forward to working again, and again, in the future.

Leonid Aharonov
Project Manager, Internet & Mobile Banking
Bank HaPoalim
I made the right choice, hiring UXpert.
For almost a year they have been working for us to develop UX and UI for our Cloud management system.
The UXpert team is very responsive; discussions are very creative and effective; deliveries are on time or earlier; results are superb and get highest scores among all levels of audiences in my company.

Rachel BenHanoch
Product Management Executive
I worked with UXpert on an application for LeumiCard.
The application has exceeded our expectations by far and received enthusiastic reviews.
It was recommended by Apple and was ranked among the first apps in user reviews and downloads.
The project was run in a very professional and methodoogical manner and met the tight deadlines.
It was a real pleasure working with them!"

Moshe Orenstein
Project Manager
Leumi Card
User Experience Design
Visual Design
Expert Review
Usability Testing
Front End & App Dev
Digital Wallet
Leumi Card
Medical Application
Maccabi Healthcare
Israel Railways
Ticketing Vending Machine
Live Broadcast of Elections Results
Israeli TV
Song Contest Scoreboard
Thank You
Stock Market app
Bank Hapoalim
Recommended by Apple
User Reviews & Awards
Recommended by Apple
e x p e r i e n c e m a t t e r s
Stock Market iPad App - Wireframes
Maccabi Healthcare Services
Doctor Absence and Replacement Self-care - Wireframes
Online Walk Thrus - Wireframes
iJET International
WorldCue App
"Democratic" News app
Smart Home App
Programmer, Designer, Animator, Basketball player

Business Admin & Economics (Honors), TA University

Head of Productions - Pineapple

VP Product - Animated Greetings

VP Product and UX - Personeta

Today: UXpert, UXI leading team
Selected Customers
Leumicard Business 360 iPad App
Medical app
Irrigation App
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