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A Loving Spoonful

No description

Amanda Taylor

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of A Loving Spoonful

Registered Charity # 14095-1310-RR0001 A Loving Spoonful's aim is to fight hunger in those living with HIV and AIDS by providing them with free, nutritious meals. Easter Armas started a loving spoonful in 1989

Her friend lost his job because he was HIV positive He could not provide himself with food Easter thought “There must be a better way.” They support the local community by providing to those who cannot provide for themselves
Each week food is distributed to their clients They impact the local community and the people in it They make the community better by fighting hunger in those with HIV and AIDS Therefore, the community is happier because they don't have to struggle to eat $5000 thousand dollars would make a huge difference to A Loving Spoonful $5000 could buy over 1400 meals A loving Spoonful only receives 5-10% of their funds from government grants... They are also sponsored by companies like: A Loving Spoonful has four full-time staff... • Executive Director
• Director of Client Services
• Director of Operations
• Director of Volunteer Services
They also have a half-time dietician, a half-time accountant, and contract basis development coordinator. Volunteers also distribute food and deliver it. They do not get paid in anyway. None of their expenses are covered. People that A Loving Spoonful has helped... A Loving Spoonful plans to expand by getting it's own building, getting more storage and capacity. They are expanding all the time and they hope to continue doing so. We believe that A Loving Spoonful deserves the grant the most because... Lastly, our mission statement is:
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