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My Future Goals

No description

Meggie Kuypers

on 3 May 2014

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Transcript of My Future Goals

My Future Goals
Short Term Goals
Get my N driver's license
Mid Term Goals
Earn a Bachelor of Science degree majoring in Biology from UBC
Long Term Goals
Get married
Get my first part-time job
Graduate grade 12 with at least a score of 35 on my IB Diploma
Go to world's with my Odyssey of the Mind team and get a placing
Do well on the IB French 12 exam coming up in a month!!!
By: Meggie Kuypers
So far I've obtained my learner's license, and I am practicing driving with my parents in their car.
I am also receiving practical driving lessons with a teacher from Young Drivers Canada.
I will be eligible to take the N license test at the end of October, 2014.
Move out of my parents' house and get my own apartment
Volunteer at Eagle Ridge hospital to earn relevant experience to one day become a doctor
Get my first car, preferably a Mazda 2 model
A new Mazda 2 costs $14,450, and a used one will most likely sell at around $9000-$10,000.
This car choice will be an affordable and fuel-efficient choice, and useful for transportation when I am at university.
A photo of the Mazda 2, though I would
prefer for mine to be blue.
I'm not sure what sort of job I'm looking for right now, but I think I would like to work in a position that requires skills customer service. I already have experience from volunteering at the Port Moody Library Tech Cafe and the Port Moody Arts Center, so I think such a position would suit me.
Me volunteering with Anne and Kimiya at the Rocky Point Easter Egg Hunt - earning experience!
McDonald's; a possible option?
We've passed Provincials! My Odyssey team is now officially going to go to world's at the end of the month.
We beat Centennial and
got gold in Provincials!
We're doing Problem 3 in Division 3, 'It's How We Rule'. The purpose of this problem is to create an 8 minute skit portraying a team-created court interacting with a historical court. We are marked on creativity and use of certain characters within the play.
Since I wasn't able to film my own group's performance, this is a video of one of the other teams from my school competing for Problem 4.
This is a video of me and my mother, getting ready to drive out.
I'm currently getting a 94.4% average on my semester 2 report card, so I believe that this is an achievable goal.
Certificates I received last semester for Honor Roll and Excellence in Work Habits.
With an IB mark of at least 35, I will most likely be accepted into UBC in the program that I want.
Which means I will be able to go on to pursue my chosen career in the medical field.
Get a job with a steady income while pursuing my Master's degree
Have 1-2 kids, but no more than three
Become a fully certified obstetrician/gynecologist
Buy a house (3 bedrooms and preferably large)
Get a dog
After that it'll be the end of high school French! I will have completed IB French 11 and IB French 12 in the course of one school year, which means no more French for next year!
The exam is on May 21st, and Madame Johansson, my French teacher, is encouraging us to start studying already.
An example of the articles in our textbook that we have to read.
This will allow me to pursue a career in the medical field
UBC is ranked very high among Canada's top universities, and their medical program is supposed to be very good.
A picture of the UBC Vancouver campus
I'll probably look for an apartment near downtown, with easy access to both the bus and skytrain services.
I'll probably look for one or several flatmates to share the cost of the rent. That way I can save on living expenses while still being able to afford a place downtown.
A new apartment complex being built. Looks like an awesome place to live.
They have a very interesting volunteer program at Eagle Ridge hospital, and several of my friends are already volunteering there.
Volunteer opportunities on the Eagle Ridge Hospital website.
Volunteering here will be a great experience to learn about the workings of a hospital, and to gather experience for eventually becoming a doctor.
Possible jobs include:
Piano teacher
I will need to have a job that has flexible working hours, as I will be continue to pursue my education at the same time.
With the money I earn I will be able to afford the cost of my own rent, fuel, food, and other necessities, though I will need to take out a student loan in order to pay for my tuition.
Preferably get married to a nice guy with a steady job and even temperament, but that's still debatable.
Though I hope he doesn't turn out to be a total ogre.
Because honestly, children are exhausting (and I'm speaking from personal experience babysitting my nine nieces and nephews).
My various assorted nieces and nephews. They may look sweet, but don't let that fool you...
Ooh, this one looks nice~
I might decide to buy a house here, in the Vancouver area, or I may move to Toronto and settle down there.
My sister-in-law is an OB/GYN, and my parents want me to be one just like her. A typical salary for an OB/GYN ranges from 100k-400k per year.
If I become an OB/GYN, I'll probably have to do something a lot like this. Babies, and women's reproductive systems. What fun.
Because, as they say, a dog is a man's best friend, and getting a dog is a very worthwhile life goal.
I actually already have a dog now, but when I move out my parents are going to keep him. His name is Apollo.
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