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When did the Information Age Begin?

No description

Frances Windley

on 18 December 2013

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Transcript of When did the Information Age Begin?

When did the Information Age begin?
The Printing Press
The printing press was the start of the Renaissance, which laid the grounds for the Information Age.
The Computer
The thing that really pushed us forwards, though, was, and still is, the computer.

Johannes Gutenberg
Johannes Gutenberg was not as lucky as some other people who helped forwards our knowledge, getting sued, going bankrupt, and being kicked out of his home country.
Fun Facts
Another name for the Information age is the Digital Age.
Almost everybody thinks that the Information age began at a different time.
In Review:
The Information Age began with the
invention of the computer, and the
Renaissance helped start the realization
of this 'dream'.
So, even if the Information Age has no definite beginning, we still are in it.
In the end though, I think that the point where the Information age started was in the 1980's, when the term was first adopted.
The End
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