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Pros and Cons of Hazing

No description

Lauren Britsky

on 24 January 2013

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Transcript of Pros and Cons of Hazing

By: Lauren Britsky and AJ Blount Pros & Cons of Hazing Pros of Hazing Cons Alternatives to Hazing Team building activities
Dinner and a Movie
Arts & Crafts for a cause
Host a family weekend activity
Create and Vision some goals for the organization
Participate in all Greek events
Brainstorm some ways to improve your scholarship
Visit the headquarters
Plan a fundraiser and plan for initiation fees
New member surprise parties hosted by members
Evaluate the process during and after new member education Humiliation
Decreasing in academic/athletic performances
Injuries (accidental or inflicted)
Emotional Distress
Severe Intoxication
Time consuming
Build up stress of keeping the hazing a secret
Death Builds Character
New members
Brings the group closer
Makes good stories to tell later
Sense of accomplishment
Helps you learn about yourself
Keeps traditions intact and followed up
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