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100 People In A Village

No description

Sandy Joseph

on 6 November 2013

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Transcript of 100 People In A Village

100 People In A Village
Only 100 People
8 Africans
Females Population
52% of the world's population is Females,yay!
48 is males
the males world"s population is 48%.
30 people are white
57 Asians
57% of the world's population is Asians.
21 Europeans
14 from Western Hemisphere
14% of the world's population is western hemisphere(6% is from North America).
Imagine if the world shrink into 100 people only. How will it be?

The Europeans population in the world is 21%
The amount of Africans in the world's population is 8%
30% of the world's population is white people.
70 are non white
For the world population their is 70% that are non white.
Different Races
Different culture
Wealthy People
6% of the world's population would posses 59% of the world's weath.Also all would be Americans.
80% of the world population live in substandard housing
20% of the world's population live in standard housing.
People that know how to read
30% will be able to read in the world's population.
70% of the world's population will not be able to read .
30% of the world's population is christian .
70% of the world's population are different religion then christian.
College Education
99% of the world's population doesn't have a
collage education.

Only 1% of the world's population that have collage education.
Half of the world's population
suffer from malnutrition.


How much people that are near death and near birth
1% of the world's Population would be near death.
1% of the world's population would be near birth.

1% of the world's population that know how to use the computer.
Personal Reflection

The presentation "100 People Village" made me think more about how our world is going now. I was impressed by all the negative facts. Some Examples that made my mouth open were; 80% of the world's population live in substandard houses, and half of the people don't have food to eat, really? This fact made me realize not to get mad if I don't have an ice cream daily because people are dying for a little piece of bread. Also, what made me so frustrated is that only 1% of the world population that have a college education and have a computer.To think about it, when you are going to college you see million students studying, and in that country you have many collages. Also their more than 50 countries that have college and still only one 1% of the world's population that have college education? Only 1% use technology like why? The technology is almost making humans and still 1% that know how to use a computer. What made it worse is that about one third of the population that live on the earth know how to read and write why. When I go somewhere and see someone that does not know how to read I will say, "Thats strange this is my first time to see that!" but now I realize that 70%of the world don't even know how to write or read their name. Now let's talk about wealth. Like only 6%of the world's population they are possess 59% of how much wealth there is in the world,The 6% is all American. Really, more than half of the wealth in the world is only to 6% that have it, and the other 94%wont get any money and just suffer in their life.

The good thing that made me happy is that the percentage of the females is more than the percentage of males. So that means that there's more females than males because Females are 52% and males are 48%.

I hope that we could change our world positively and change all the negative facts we have to positive facts in the next few years. We should put our hands together to make a big difference in the world.
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