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Terracotta Warriors

No description

Chloe Anson-Smith

on 4 December 2015

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Transcript of Terracotta Warriors

Who were they?
The terracotta warriors are a collection of terracotta sculptures showing the army of the first Chinese emperor- Qin Shi Huang.
When were they made and discovered?
The terracotta warriors are believed to have been made in 246 BCE. That is more than 2000 years ago! The terracotta warriors were discovered on 29 March, 1974.
Where were they discovered?
The terracotta warriors were found when a farmer in China was digging out a well. He accidently hit some clay and eventually (with the help of archaeologists) found the whole army.
Why were they made?
Emperor Qin ordered the creation of an army of terrcotta statues. They were made to be buried with him to show his triumph and victory over the other states of China. He also wanted to show that they were united as one country.
How were they made and discovered?
The terracotta warriors were made by using clay and terracotta. None of the statues are the same because they are based on real people. The terracotta warriors were discovered using lots of different utencils that an archaeologist would use such as needles, brushes and knives.
What were they made of?
Terracotta warriors were made out of terracottta and clay. The real weapons that were used in the battles of the army were made out of different types of metals such as copper and bronze. These weapons were buried along with the terracotta warriors.
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