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Roman Pankin

on 3 April 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

VMI Conference by Roman Pankin First is to be conscious of what are the main objectives of VMI`s international conference. 1. To allow managers to get to know each other, and become a stronger international team. 2. To thank manager for their hard work. 3. To discuss how the company can improve its products and services. In order to fulfill the objectives mentioned before, the chosen hotel Long Beach Hotel at Casablanca (Morocco) Characteristic of this hotel Five-star hotel Located in the city of Casablanca in the country of Morocco It has a seaside location which provides the environment to let people fell relaxed and calm. Convenient facilities: two large conference rooms which fit best with the needs of all the staff from VMI. Large swimming pool, sauna, tropical garden, shops and night club. It is ideal for those recesses during the conference period. Advantage: a very attractive beach. Price: U.S. $1.500 per participant including meals and all entertainment at the hotel.
This price is under the approved budget of U.S. $2.000 so the firm is both covering all the expectations for the conference and saving some money. Disadvantages: few cultural attractions. It is not a disadvantaeges in this particular case, because all the staff from VMI is supposed to spend the time knowing each other and not talking personal paths or doing their preferences. In conclusion, I recommend Long Beach Hotel because it is the one which adjust best to purse all the goals of the conference of VMI Thank you for your attention.
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