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Dangers of extreme dieting and steroid use

Grade 10 Health summative

Hetvi Gandhi

on 29 January 2013

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Transcript of Dangers of extreme dieting and steroid use

The Dangers of extreme dieting and steroid use Steroid Use Dieting Background Info Physical side: Effects on men Dangers Effects on women Want to get the results that you're aiming for? Find a BALANCE between healthy eating and exercising that
best fits your lifestyle to help you reach it. Dieting and steroid use are not the answer, and here's why. -a balanced diet is necessary, dieting is not.
-an unhealthy diet could lead to malnutrition. Extreme Dieting is the consequence of improper dieting and pushing your body beyond what it's capable of. -All diets normally begin the same way: A person notices and is bothered by their weight. Overtime, it becomes too much to handle, so they decide to go on a diet. What: Why: -the ones who try it are usually people who suffer psychologically from body image issues and who feel like losing weight fast. -the same as starvation They may look healthy, but are they really? People go on extreme diets in the hope of losing weight or gaining muscle, but the diets end up having an opposite effect. -Extreme diets cause your metabolism to slow down -That results in more weight gain when the diet has ended. Dangers All the dangers include weakening effects on your body. - Some are considered to be life threatening. - The dangers are so extreme that the degrade the person both mentally and physically. Mental side: The dangers are: -irritability -depression -lower sex drive -vulnerability to more eating disorders Anorexia Bulimia (A lack/loss of appetite for food due to a emotional disorder consisting of the need to lose weight.) (Characterized by a compulsive need to eat large quantities of food to the point of gorging- followed by purging through vomiting, fasting, or use of laxatives.) The dangers are: -fatigue -hunger pain -sinus problems -bloodshot eyes -gallbladder disease -rashes -waste away of your muscles -seizures -malnutrition -dehydration -acidosis -constipation -regaining the lost weight Background Info What Bodies make natural steroids to support functions such promoting growth and development, and fighting stress. Some use steroids through creams, pills, injections and gels to enhance their performance or looks. - They are referred to as: roids, juice, hype, weight trainers, gym candy, arnolds, stackers, pumpers and are the same/similar to the hormones. Why How They stimulate muscle tissue to grow by tricking how the naturally produced testosterone works -they improve muscle mass, endurance and strength Steroids cause serious long-term, and side effects on both men and women. The major long term effects are: -balding or hair loss -Mood swings (anger, depression, and aggression) -becoming delirious and paranoid -increased risk of stroke, heart disease, and various types of cancer -high blood pressure -urinary problems -greater chance of injuring muscles and tendons Along with the long term effects, these are the effects on women: -facial hair -deeper voice -acne -baldness -reduced breasts -masculine-ness -menstrual cycle change Along with the long term effects, these are the effects on men: -acne -bigger breasts -baldness -aggressive-ness -smaller testicles -cardiovascular disease -impotence -sterility -pain while urinating -HIV Real life stories http://taylorhooton.org/stories/ Bibliography http://kidshealth.org/teen/food_fitness/sports/steroids.html# http://www.steroidabuse.com/dangers-of-steroid-abuse.html http://www.fitday.com/fitness-articles/fitness/weight-loss/the-dangers-of-extreme-dieting.html#b http://taylorhooton.org/stories/ The media makes models who are often unhealthy the idealized body image. This gets stuck in our heads subconsciously and affects us. Ask yourself.. Zoom in to see some of the effects Does this look healthy?
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