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Elbert Frank Cox

No description

Abigail Talley

on 1 March 2013

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Transcript of Elbert Frank Cox

Elbert Frank Cox December 5, 1895
November 28, 1969 Family Life Education Howard University Other Interesting Facts Resources Accomplishments/Rewards Eugenia D Talbot and Johnson D Cox are his parents.
1927, he married Beulah Kaufman
1928, James born
1930, Eugene born
1935, Kenneth born He began teaching at Howard University in 1930.
He taught more Masters students than any professor.
He was promoted to Professor in 1947.
He then became head of the Department of Mathematics.
He retired in 1966. Tôhoku Mathematical Journal published his graduate paper.
NAM established the Cox-Talbot Address.
It's given annually at NAM's national meetings.
Elbert F. Cox Scholarship Fund is used to help black students pursue their studies. He won a music scholarship to the Prague Conservatory of Music in Europe.
He was a math teacher at Alves Street School.
When teaching at West Virginia State his salary was $1800. Google Images
http://www.math.upenn.edu/History/bh/text99.html Indiana University is where he received his AB
Shaw University is where he became chairman of Natural Sciences.
Cornell University is where he received his doctorate.
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