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CGHS Biology - Population Density and Dynamics

No description

Sean Holder

on 18 August 2014

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Transcript of CGHS Biology - Population Density and Dynamics

Population Density
and Dynamics

A group of organisms of
same species in an area.
What is a population?
Population Density = the # of individuals in a given area
Dispersion - how are things
spread out?
Random --> An individual has an equal chance
of occurring anywhere in an area
Why do organisms do this?
Neutral interactions between individuals and the local environment.
In English - there is no advantage or disadvantage to this.
Organisms are randomly found in an ecosystem
- Individuals are uniformly spaced through the environment
Regular Distribution
Why does this occur?
Antagonistic interactions between individuals
and/or a local depletion of resources
Everyone needs their own space...think about
a car ride with a brother/sister.
- Individuals live in areas of high local abundance, which are separated by areas of low abundance
Clumped Dispersion
What caused this?
Attraction between individuals or
to a common resource
Does the size of the organism
affect population density?
The size of organisms limits the
possible space they can occupy
The self-thinning effect in forests
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