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Copy of EN150: The Effects of Service Learning

No description

Johanna Walsh

on 7 September 2012

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Transcript of Copy of EN150: The Effects of Service Learning

In the 21st Century... Defining Homework Club Key Features of Successful Clubs Children need support from Divorce rates are high There are more single parent and 2-working parent homes Many children lack a consistently available resource for homework help One solution to these issues = Homework Clubs Benefits A safe working environment Work with caring adults who understand individual learning styles
Ability to relate personally to work
Personality comes out in close setting Homework clubs come in many forms:
Schools and Libraries
"Clinics, progams, institutes" Goal: Support a school's effort to help learners succeed Provide a warm and caring environment Complete with snacks... And an opportunity to work collaboratively with supervisors and students Interesting and challenging assignments Time for children to read aloud (Scaffolding) Ample resources... Staff Development
Communicative Evaluation of Homework and Progress
Funding Homework Clubs: Meaning, Importance, and Application Understanding Educational Theory in EN150: The "Ideal" Homework Club Inside Scoil Bhride Our Journey to Scoil Bhride... The NUIG Quadrangle Rainy Galway To Galway! Scoil Bhride The Faces of NUIG's Service Learning 150 Interviews with those who make our Service Learning possible... EN150: Service Learning at NUIG Aims for the Future Sister Margaret Professor Dermot Burns Scoil Bhride Principal Frank Keane Conclusions The EN150 Service Learning Programme is mutually beneficial to Scoil Bhride and NUI, Galway. It addresses the key issues surrounding literacy and learning in the community. The programme seeks to investigate and implement best practice in terms of providing homework support to children in the Galway community. To strengthen the links between Scoil Bhride’s Homework Club and NUI, Galway To engage in fundraising activities in the Autumn/Winter of 2012 which will benefit the club directly and allow for the implementation of reading and learning activities to be developed. To promote the service learning programme on a national and international level through a variety of media and at a number of functions, including the EAIE Conference in Dublin in September 2012. To work towards establishing Scoil Bhride’s Homework Club as a beacon of best practice in Irish society in terms of literacy acquisition and learning
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