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Opposition to the Treaty

No description

kyle quick

on 8 October 2013

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Transcript of Opposition to the Treaty


Opposition to the Treaty
First Major Flaw
Ethnic Difficulties
Another issue with the treaty's policies was that the formation of the new nations in Eastern Europe caused more problems than it fixed as it simply put those oppressed into power and those who were in power are now under oppression. Developing these new nations changes nothing about the feuds in Slavic nations. Eventually these nations will look for a larger empire to unite them into a larger power. A COMMUNIST POWER.
The treaty of Versailles does not promote peace with the central power
The ridiculous policies of the treaty of Versailles seem more like an outlet to humiliate the nations that opposed the winning side(central powers) rather than an end to conflict. The outrageous punishment of Germany and Austria Hungary left the empires broken and angry. They began to look for a strong leader that would channel their hate. An increasingly influential figure has rose to do just that, ADOLF HITLER.
BY: Nimit Srivastav, Kyle Quick,
Noel Negron, and Lee Kantrowitz

The economic consequences were seen as too harsh. The collapse of the german economy due to absurd costs of "war damages", would cause a domino effect that would plunge the rest of the world in economic depression, a GREAT DEPRESSION.
:Massive economic reparations for Germany.
:Germany's economical collapse and eventually the collapse of the world economy.
: Slavic nations are sloppily formed to fix Slavic issues
: Slavic issues are never fully resolved where these divided nations find themselves uniting under the communist Russian flag.
The price of this absurd treaty was too great. But yet it was passed. And in result, the world was thrust into more unrest and conflict than it had before. Eventually leading to a second world war which will prove to be much worse then the last
The opposition to the treaty was absolutely correct, but many failed to see its consequences for the future.
: Central powers left broken and humiliated, look for a leader to get them revenge
: Adolf Hitler and his Nazi party rise to power, turning Germany into a military power once again that will kill millions of innocents.
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