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Modern Architecture

No description

David Walker

on 30 September 2013

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Transcript of Modern Architecture

MODERN It is also the term applied to an overarching movement, with its exact definition and scope varying widely What is Modern Architecture? 1890 Sculpture than Architecture Brickwork Curving roofs Zig-zag ornamentation Tower with spikes Vincent Van Gogh 1925 It is defined as the simplicity & unornamented of designing and erecting buildings. It's further influenced by the
functional demands that arise from
nature & man alike as well as the medium
of construction available. Styles of Modern
Architecture Structuralism the term Functionalism was used to describe any practical structure that was quickly constructed for purely practical purposes without an eye for artistry Cubic The assertion that the Cubist depiction of
space, mass, time, and volume supports Brutalist designs is the exposure of the building's functions—ranging from their structure and services to their human use—in the exterior of the building . Modern Architecture is the best way
to present our project "financial quarter"
;) Architecture It's interested in the social structures and
mental processes that contributed to the design Structuralist architecture will have a great
deal of complexity within a highly structured framework Office building Centraal Beheer in Apeldoorn Functionalism the Yale Center for British Art in New Haven The Curious Cubic Houses Of Rotterdam D.Style The harmony and order was established
through a reduction of elements to pure geometric forms and primary colors biannual Dutch Rietveldprize by Christian Richters Case Study Brutalism Thanks for watching Presented By: Nour Jebreen Shahd Bishawi Samah Abu Yacoub Areej Mahmoud Salsabeel Nazzal Sundos Ennab Nadia Al-Qutub Lama Haqash Haya Zreiq The Paul Rudolph building at Yale Renad kalbuneh
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