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Why do some Christian Churches not perform holy communion?

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yasmin jay

on 26 June 2015

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Transcript of Why do some Christian Churches not perform holy communion?

reasons why the Salvation Army don't celebrate Holy Communion
reasons why the Quakers don't celebrate Holy Communion
According to Quakers, all of life is a sacrament, so they argue that it is not right to pick out some things as being sacred and not others.

Quakers agree with the Salvation Army that in order to be a good Christian a person has to change the way they are inside. Obeying outward rituals will not achieve.

Communion is like baptism - it is a spiritual act; therefore no ritual is needed in either case.
some Protestant denominations do not celebrate Holy Communion at all.
Also in the early days of the Salvation Army those who joined were alcoholics, and the Army targeted them to try and make their lives better. They thought it would be better not to tempt these people using the wine of Holy Communion.
Who doesn't?
In Britain there are 17,000 Quakers and 9,000 of them regularly take part in worship.
However this worship does not include holy communion.
Instead of Holy Communion they meet in a space for worship in gathered stillness.

They listen to the promptings of truth and love in their hearts which they understand as rising from god.

Their meetings are based on silence and of waiting and listening and most meetings last about an hour.

There is no priest or minster so therefore this shows equality, to reinforce the idea of equality they sit in a circle or sqaure to help people be aware of one another.

In Britian there are 54,000 members in the Salvation Army
They also do not include holy communion in their worship.
The salvation army worship god through its policy of reaching out to the poor and to those on the fringes of society.
It opperates through kitchens and night shelters and often will play bands in the street at christmas times and other occasions.
Their simple precence as witnesses to their faith reminds passers by about the christian message of peace and good will to all.
there are many reasons why they don't celebrate holy communion. the Salvation Army doesn't use any sacraments in worship. as they believe christians can live a holy life without using sacraments such as holy communion but can still receive God's grace.
at the last supper, Jesus may have been talking about christians remembering him when they shared a meal , but may not have intended the last super to become a fixed ceremony.
The first Quakers

Christians in the early Church shared common meals, but they were meals and not ceremonies. If the early christians in the bible did not celebrate the last supper as a ritual, then there is no need for christians today to do so either.
the salvation army thinks that the sheer detail of some ceremonies of holy communion is pointless. The disciples broke bread with their fingers, and would have drunk wine either from wineskin or from rough pottery. They had no use for gold and silver plates or cups. Christians should spend less time worrying about ceremonial detail, and worry more about finding the right relationship with god.
some of the churches that use holy communion do not allow women to be priests and to administer communion (e.g Roman catholic and Orthodox churches). the salvation army believes that women can and should take an equal part in christian life, so they believe that it is best not to use holy communion at all, because it can divide people.
communion with God is a good idea, but it happens when the worshiper feels God in his or her heart, which doesn't have to be through a service of Holy Communion.

Real Communion with God comes with the help of the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Spirit doesn't need the help from a service of Holy Communion order to bring it about.
Quakers prayer ceremony
The holy spirit
The last supper

Why do some Christian Churches not perform holy communion?
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