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The Cincos YouBragIt.com

No description

Rob Kruse

on 8 July 2011

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Transcript of The Cincos YouBragIt.com

YouBragIt.com Culture What do we do? Offer Social Networking Sell Advertizing space Artifacts Espoused Values Staff Motivation GoalS Smart Goals Perks Extrinsic Rewards Monthly Motivational Meeting Hiring Interview Process Motivational Assessments Resume Review Employee Job Satisfaction 360 Feedback Comfortable Workspace Teamwork Clear Task Rolls Group presonality types Casual freethinking work environment Top of the line computers No cubicles, open office layout "Think room” with games and free food No working hours, just deadlines Growth through Accessibility Members of this origination are expected to help the company to grow into new markets by making the service fast and easily accessible to everyone. Innovated, fast pace culture Leadership and Management Motivation Expansion Same as Google, employees will expect management
to act in ways that value creativity and innovation. Conflict Personality conflict Male and Female
Co workers Crude Jokes Steps for resolving: Investigate and Document Take Corrective Action if necessary Refer difficult conflicts to HR for formal resolution attempt informal resolution LeaderShip Ensure good Leadership: Lead by example Make well thought out business decisions A chain is only as strong as its weakest link............ Train the "link" not replace it Not forgetting about the employees YouBragit.com will implement these principles throughout the entire company and ensure they are followed from the “Top” down.
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