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Ben Hall

No description

Luc Sta Elena

on 7 June 2013

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Transcript of Ben Hall

Australian Bush Rangers Ben Hall Early Life Crimes Committed Capture and Death Ben Hall was born on the 9th of May 1837 at Wallis Plains near Maitland, New South Wales.
He was the son of Benjamin Hall and Eliza Somers. Both of his parents were convicts and had been sent to gaol in New South Wales. The parents got married in the year 1834. When they were released they moved to a place called Hunter Valley. Ben's dad worked for a man named Samuel Clift on a farm called "Doona Run". Around 1839 they moved to a remote valley north of Murrurundi. Ben's dad built a hut and started to farm cattle.

In 1842 Ben's dad had bought a small block of land at Haydonton, near Murrurundi. Near the end of 1850 Benjamin had moved down to the Lachlan River area taking his children with him.

By 1856 at the age of 19 he was married with a woman called Bridget Walsh. They had a son that they called Henry. Ben Hall then became a successful grazier. By May 1865, Ben Hall decided to leave New South Wales. But a man, Goobang Mick, who had once given the gang help, told the police where Hall was hiding. During the night a group of eight policemen found Hall sleeping under a tree at Billabong Creek, near Forbes. The police were armed with shotguns and rifles.The police placed themselves in a large circle around Ben Hall. When he woke up at dawn on 5 May 1865, Hall was shot in the back 30 times as he tried to run away. A newspaper report said his body was "riddled" with bullets. He did not shoot his pistol once. The first rifle shots of the police cut his belt in two, and his guns fell to the ground. Goobang Mick was given a $500 reward. The police were given another $500 reward. By Luc Sta Elena 6A How he became a bushranger! At 1862 Ben Hall had trouble with his marriage and decided to divorce with Bridget while Henry went with Bridget, leaving Ben by himself. From then Ben had drifted into a life of crime. After Bridget left, he began associating with a man called Frank Gardiner who was a bushranger. Then Ben had formed a gang with Frank and several others.. 15 June, 1862, Gardiner and a group of ten men, including Hall, robbed the Forbes gold coach near Eugowra. This coach carrying gold from the gold fields had an escort of police escort to guard it. The gang stole more than 14,000 in gold and money. This was Australia's biggest gold robbery ever.

Hall and several others were arrested in July. Once again the police were unable find proof that Hall was one of the robbers. The police let him go at the end of August. When Hall went back to his farm he found his house burned down.

March 20: held up and robbed at gun point the mail coach between Wagga Wagga and Yass.

April 11: Robbed a man and his brother on the road between Burrowa and Mareng

May 12: Tried to rob a man at Forbes but, failed

June 13: Robbed a farm belonging to a wealthy man, taking guns and food.
There are still very many more crimes that he is done. Legacy Ben Hall was famous for being one of the most kind bushranger.Ben Hall was one of the kind of bushrangers that took advantage of people's fortunes created during the gold rush. He never resorted to violence during his robberies. Ben hated all the rich people for being so greedy. Hall was very kind to women children and the poor and gave most of his stolen money to them. Trivia Ben Hall was also known as the gentleman bushranger. Bibliography Australian Dictionary of Biography.
My mum.
Bail Up Cousin's Book. Lifestyle Ben was known as one of the most hard working and honest stockmen. His parents house was not very good or clean and his family lived in very harsh conditions. So his early life was very rough and dirty. Ben's bushranger Associates John Peisley: Hanged
Frank Gardiner: Sentenced to 32 years in prison (served 10 years and then exiled from Australia).
John Gilbert: Shot dead by police
John Davis, one of the Three Jacks: Sentenced to 15 years in prison
John McGuiness, one of the Three Jacks: Shot dead
Ben Hall: Shot dead by police
John Youngman: Skipped bail and disappeared.
Patrick Daley: Sentenced to fifteen years in prison
Henry Manns: Hanged
Alexander Fordyce: Sentenced to death, later commuted to fifteen years in prison
Dan Charters: Caught, testified against the gang
John Bow: Sentenced to death, later commuted to fifteen years in prison
John O’Meally: Shot dead
Fred Lowry: Shot dead by police
Larry Cummins: Sentenced to fifteen years in prison
Francis Foley: Sentenced to fifteen years in prison
Michael Burke: Shot himself dead after receiving a mortal stomach wound
John Vane: Sentenced to fifteen years in prison, paroled after six years
John Dunleavy: Sentenced to life in prison
Jin Gordon: sentenced to twenty five years in prison
John Dunn: Hanged
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