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Business & Economics

No description

Koukic Pathammavong

on 19 November 2012

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Transcript of Business & Economics

The ultimate PB pursuer

The PB conscious consumer

The CS conscious consumer

The price conscious consumer

The lowest price seeker Business & Economics Introduction Why we chose cookies?

Brief analysis of the bakery industry:

Many consumers

Easy to start to the business

Low price Our Outline I. PB measurement and Competing products

II. Market Analysis

III. Our Product I. PB measurement and competing products PB Measurement Method Market Competition Analysis and New Product Positioning Policy Our 10 competing products II. Market Analysis Relative competitiveness of products

High degree of product differentiation

Range of price very wide

Less intense competition

Type of competition: Both PB and Price competition

Red / Blue ocean area Bonne maman PB: 7 P: 0.81 Oreo PB: 8.5 P: 0.357 LU PB: 8 P: 0.4 Michel & Augustin PB: 8 P: 0.78 Market O PB: 8 P: 1.61 Calbee PB: 7.5 P: 1.2 Pepperidge farm PB: 10
P: 0.673 Lotus PB: 6 P: 0.448 I MEI PB: 5 P:0.357 Ritz PB: 7 P: 0.321 III. Our Product PB measurement method The survey gives us information about the consumers’ preferences: which are the cookies they usually buy.

However, the brands also affect the consumers' perceived benefits, therefore: A survey among more than 150 consumers about their preferences between the most common kinds of cookies available in the market OUR COOKIES

Lovely packaging
Special shapes on the special days
24 hours delivery Conclusion Why are we good? Introductor: Professor Teng-Hsiao Yun The End Taste
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