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History of the movie Avatar

Kayla Saetern

on 9 June 2011

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Transcript of Avatar

Avatar James Cameron's What is it about? In "Avatar," a US marine in year 2154, gets dispatched to a planet called Pandora. Here, Jake is put on a unique misson. To learn the ways of the Na'Vi people and obtain the rich rock, UNOBTAINIUM To do that, he uses an avatar to make himself look like the natives But after becoming one of the tribe like he had planned, He becomes torn between reality and the psychic connection with him and his avatar A place where he falls in love A place with the most beautiful sights A place where he can fly on leonopterxes (dragons) After being robbed and killed, the marines recruit his twin brother. VS. Life in a wheelchair Which would you choose? By this time, he has learned the Na'Vi language, their culture, and traditions. After getting the information they had wanted, they schedule to transfer Jake back to Earth Jake is more concerned about the Omaticaya than his desire to walk again Jake then betrays the humans Leading to a massive destructive war Jake fights against his own people To prove that he has changed Furious, Colonel Quaritch imprisons Jake's human body Toruk Makto: Rider of the great leonopterx (dragon) Jake becomes the 6th Toruk Makto To gain their trust again To become this, you must successfully manage to ride the Great Leonopterx Leaving his avatar deactivated Tsu'tey, the clan leader, was extremely mad Jake's friends help him out of the cell By Kayla
Saetern With everyone by his side, they work together to defeat the humans Jake has an idea...
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