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what is a food web?

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Haleigh Fisher

on 30 April 2014

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Transcript of what is a food web?

What is a food web?

Plant eaters
Herbivores in turn are eaten by carnivores which are animals that eat other animals.
Food web
A food web shows the relationship between all of the species in a community. All organisms dead or alive are food sources for other organisms.
Living things that hunt other living things are called predators.
The hunted are called prey. Some meat eaters are called scavengers.
scavengers are animals that feed on the remains of dead animals.
Decomposers help break down dead organisms and waste into simpler substances.
Organisms in an community are related to each other through their dependence on other organisms for food. In a food chain a producer is eaten by a herbivore that is in turn eaten by a carnivore.
All food webs begins with producers.
The producers on land include grasses, trees, and all other organism that use the sun energy to make there own food.
Organisms that can not make their own food are called consumers.

Consumers get energy from the food made by other organism.

Herbivores eat producers.
When the predator or the last animal in the food web dies it decomposes. It breaks down and becomes simpiler substances.

That is the food web!
Predators and Prey
By: Haleigh, Nick,
Darren and Gerrit

Energy source
Just like the food chain, the food web's energy source is the sun.
The sun provides the energy that the plants need in order to grow.
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