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reused prezi 1

Presentation at Le Web 09 by Mike Jones and Monica Keller.Topics: Open APIs and Real TimeFor more details visit http://developer.myspace.com

wardell nelson

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of reused prezi 1

The assassination of Huey long Possible suspects Dr. Carl Weiss body guard Men in black part 3 "A time has come for all good men to rise abov principle" "Hard work is overrated as momogamy" "Share our Wealth" http://thinkexist.com/huey/long http://www.hueylong.com/program/share-our-wealth globaldiplomacy.word/press.com What the media said Hi the is bush speaking.In today's news, Governor Huey long was shot in Baton Rouge by Dr. Carl Weiss. As of now he is headed to the hostipal for critical care. It was said that Dr. Carl Weiss shot Mr. long with a 38 cal gun. For futher news, stand by. Back to you Mrs. Castill Possible soultions Well bush, Its possible that Carl Weiss shot him, but some say that his body guard could have probaly shot him and blamed carl weiss. What you think wardell Solve Myth Based on what I have learned so far, i believe that carl weiss shot govern Huey Long. Where Huey long was shot "when fascism comes to the U.S, it will be rappd in the american flag and wil claim 100% americanism" http://shii.org/knows/facism "I do not want the voice of the people shut out." http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/author "Every Man is a king" Timeline and summarization on Huey Long 1924- runs for governor, but is defeated.
1928-Elected governor of Louisiana.
1930-runs for U.S Senate.
1935- shot by Carl Weiss.
1935 September 10- Dies Created by: Wardell Nelson
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