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Victoria Cavazos

on 28 November 2014

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Transcript of archetypes

Disney movie characters
The villain in a story can be the bad guy. He/she can represent an "evil" character. The villain tends to have a negative effect on other characters, especially the hero. The hero tends to struggle as the villain presents him or herself as an obstacle that the hero must overcome.
Villains :0
In Peter Pan, Peter is the hero who tries his hardest to live his life through carelessness and fun. His only worry is to save the lost boys and Wendy from the evil Captain Hook.
Archetypes are understood symbols, terms or models of a person. They can show the character's personality or behavior, and are often used in myths and storytelling.
Ursula in the movie the Little Mermaid was the villain; she envies Ariel for her breathtaking voice and wants it to belong to her. Ursula's whole wicked plan is to capture Ariel and trick her into giving it up.
Heroes :b
The word "damsel" means "young lady", the girl is usually beautiful and hopelessly passive constantly in need of rescue by the hero. The Damsel in Distress is portrayed as an unmarried female who is in need of aid.
Damsel in Distress <3
A hero can have great strength or ability and is sometimes recognized as a warrior. It is common that it is a man or boy who is admired for his achievements and noble qualities. Heroes consist of courage and devotion, they may even be looked at as idols.
Belle is one of the main characters in Beauty and the Beast. She is a beautiful young woman who is in search of her missing father. Throughout the movie she is held captive by a monster who is later found to be very kind. At the same time a creepy, mean man is looking for Belle.
Mentors :P
In the movie Aladdin, the Genie is Aladdin's mentor who guides him through things and lets him know how to fix issues. The genie grants him three wishes which become a great help and he is also there to cheer him up.
A mentor is basically a person who is wise and trusted. They can be looked at as a counselor or teacher who helps guide you through predicaments or times of trouble.
Aboo is the monkey in the movie Aladdin. He is a sidekick to Aladdin because everywhere Aladdin goes he will follow; he is always by his side and always has his back. Aboo was a mischievous little character that would do bad and sneaky things only for the purpose of wanted to help out his friend/master.
A sidekick is a close companion who is usually regarded as subordinate to the one he accompanies. So as long as there's a hero or villain, then either one of them is able to have a sidekick.
These were five examples of archetypes using characters! (:
This is the end of my presentation :o
Thank you for your time,
By: Victoria M. Cavazos
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