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Causes of WWI

Overview of short and long term causes of WWI

Scott Phillips

on 22 November 2016

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Transcript of Causes of WWI

WORLD WAR I: "The War To End All Wars"

The Alliance System
Spark: Assassination in Sarajevo
Nations agree to support each other if one is attacked
Why did this cause war?
Too many alliances drags many countries into a war they aren't necessarily involved in.
Love for one's country
1. Countries begin to develop stronger sense of identity (Us vs. Them mentality)
Balkan Powder Keg
-Countries in Balkan Peninsula have ethnic differences, nationalism fuels need to separate from Austria-Hungary.
- spread of rule into foreign territories, usually in the form of colonies
Why did this start war?
Countries compete for resources, new markets, land, etc.
Can't let other countries get ahead!
Having or maintaining a large armed force
Arms Race
- build up of weapons in order to compete with other nations
Why did this cause war?
Countries get new war tech and they want to try them out
You know the feeling you get when you buy something new? A new car, a new phone, new tv, new clothes. That feeling x500
June 28, 1914- Archduke of Austria-Hungary Franz Ferdinand visits Bosnia.
Gavrilo Princip- Member of Black Hand anarchy group. Group plots to kill Ferdinand, Princip shoots him dead.
Why does this cause war?
July 28, 1914-Austria declares war on Serbia
Germany backs Austria
Russia backs Serbia
Etc. Etc. Etc.
"There is only one way for Austria to forestall the penetration of Russian influence among the western and southern Slavs. Austria must put itself at the head of the Slavs and promote their national development. At one stroke Austria will thus destroy all illusions of a Russian Pan-Slavism..."
-Editorial in Contemporary Austrian Review, 1843.
"At the preset time there is no place for your Pan-Slavic goals in the Russian Empire. You ask for life, and there is only the silence of death; you demand independence and in Russia there is only mechanical obedience; you aspire toward resurrection, uplift, right and liberty, and there are only death, darkness and slave labor."
-Mikhail Bakunin, Russian anarchist, speech at the Pan-Slav Congress, Prague, 1848.
Ottoman Empire
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