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Dublin's Dark Side: Crime in Dublin

No description

Fabian Berke

on 31 March 2015

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Transcript of Dublin's Dark Side: Crime in Dublin

History of crime in Dublin
Crime & victims nowadays
Famous criminals & gangs in Dublin
Famous criminals & gangs in Dublin
Dublin's Dark side: Crime in Dublin
By Fabian Berke, Nicolas Borson, Florent Buoro and Maxime Franco
on the example of Kilmainham Gaol
History of crime in Dublin
until 1830
open from 1796-1924
Crime & victims nowadays
Thank you for your attention!
Any Questions?
8,9 per 1000
78,9 per 1000
Martin Cahill
called "The General"
jewellery robber
Gerry Hutch
called "The Monk"
bank robberies and "jump overs"
John Traynor
called "The Coach"
right hand man of John Gilligan
Eamon Dunne
called "The Don"
leading man in Dublin's
drug scene
John Gilligan
chief of the westies
one of the most powerful
gang leaders of Dublin
The future of crime in Dublin
ran a huge prostitution empire
The future of crime in Dublin
Decrease of 8.9% of burglary in one year
Operation Fiacla
Burglary would continue decreasing in the next few years.

Hard Drugs
it would not decrease if there is not a new measure against them
an important phenomenon in Dublin
Drugs in general
Serious Crimes
Reduction in weapons and explosives offences (13.9%)
Murder and other serious crimes stagnate in Dublin.
Reduction in kidnapping and related offences (12.5%)
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