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Finger Painting

No description

Kadie Hart

on 15 October 2012

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Transcript of Finger Painting

Kaity, Kadie , and Kaitlin Finger Painting Expectations Examples! Fabian Gaete Maureira 1. Cover the whole page on a 12x18 paper 2. Have more than three colors Fabian Gaete Maureira Paints in the street of Malaga Spain. Paints secenery in 3 minutes. The only reason hes not in museums is because his work repeats itself. Autumn Trees! 3. Must have some aspect of a tree, leaves, trunk, branch, etc. 4. Must have good contrast and composition. WHy Do We Want To Finger paint? 5. Bring in at least 2 containers to put your colors in. What? Finger painting an Autumn design. Use as many colors as you want! Create a tree and Autumn senery! Be creative! What will you be graded on? 3. Creativity and tree 2. Color variety 1. Composition

4. Overall appearence
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