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Back to School Night

No description

Mr. Laffin

on 18 October 2018

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Transcript of Back to School Night

-Same email/password since elementary school
*ask your son/daughter to log you in

*assignments posted often
*due dates still in effect
-I'm notified of late assignments
*students can communicate
-with me (email is better)
-with other students
*monitored closely by me
Welcome to Back to School Night
Important Policies
Tools for Student Success
PowerSchool and Google Classroom!!!
I look forward to an amazing year with your student!

Please feel free to contact me any time
PowerSchool- please check weekly!

The basics:
-use your child's user name and password to access at home
-there's an app, too
-if it's blue, click it for more info.
-zeros mean:
-it's missing (absence)
-it's late
-no name
-not received yet
KBAR- Kick Back and Read
What is KBAR?
-Independent reading
-20 minutes each night
-80 minutes each week

My class:
-No reading logs to sign or fill out
-No daily or weekly assignments*
*We'll have book discussions, reflections, and other activities every so often, but nothing structured week-to-week.
Appropriate communication:

*I check often

*I update often

*homework updated daily

*email to make an appointment to see me
-minimum 24 hours notice
*Reminder: student's job to see me about grades, missing work, etc.
(more details on my website)
Other Laguna Communication:
The Lancer Lines
*Mr. Calandro's weekly newsletter
*emailed out on Fridays

Laguna homepage

PTA Facebook
*search: "Laguna PTA"

LAMS Library Instagram

*Check often (at least once each week)
*support page on my website

*with teachers
*with your son/daughter

Planner and teacher websites
*use them
*check them
*love them

*it's not fun, but it's valuable IF they learn from it
*step back and let your son/daughter
navigate on their own
Homework is rarely assigned, but that doesn't mean that there isn't ever any homework
Classwork that isn't finished in class:
-becomes homework
-due the next school day
*unless otherwise noted
-work time given class daily
KBAR (independent reading)
-20 minbutes each night, Monday through Thursday
-any work not turned in when originally collected
-10% deduction (from points earned)
*due by the end of the quarter
-zero in gradebook; marked "missing" and "late"
*until received

Absent Work
*absences (receive extension)
-one day for every missed day
-late policy goes into effect
after extension
*student is responsible to get work
Grades & Student Advocacy
It is the responsibility of the student to speak with me about their grades*.
-Grades are a teacher-to-student conversation in middle school.
-More responsibility is a good thing!
-Students advocating for themselves is a good thing!
-they know what was discussed in class
-If you have questions, go over them with your son/daughter at home and have them talk to me

*please refer to the syllabus, classroom policies, and PowerSchool support sheet, which are available on my homework website.
Inappropriate communication: Cell phones
*Please, please, please
-DO NOT text or call your child at school
-sound is usually on
-disruption to learning
-call the office leave a message
-it will be delivered in a timely manner

*Should a phone ring/make noise/be used inappropriately
-taken by me
-1st infraction= student and I talk
-2nd infraction+= YOU come get it from the office
will not be released to anyone but the parent/guardian
LAMS Student Handbook policy- Unless specifically allowed by teachers in a classroom setting or in the School Library/Media Center (during break and lunch ONLY), cell phones, ear buds, and other personal electronic devices must be turned off and put away during the school day including at breaks and lunch.
A good way to check AND communicate with your child about grades is to have THEM show you around their grades on PowerSchool
Late work
Your son/daughter is an amazing human being who is capable of many, many things.
I believe in them; I wouldn't be here if I didn't.
You will hear "Mr. Laffin didn't tell me" or "I didn't know" this year. This is never true. Realize that your teenager might not be the most reliable source of information.
In reality, the answer is somewhere:
-student planner
-my website
-Google Classroom

Before emailing the teachers, check these places AND with a classmate, please.
This cheat sheet is on my website.
Teamwork makes the dream work!!!
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