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Benin (french speaking country)


kimberly phan

on 11 January 2013

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Transcript of Benin (french speaking country)

by: baylee & kimberly Benin, Africa Benin location It borders Togo.
It is west of Africa.
The capital of Benin is Porto-Novo. Benin's with a population of approximately 9.5 million. Benin's population is ALOT smaller than the US's population. USA approximately has over 314,768,000 people. If you read in our first slide then you probably know that there are 9.5 million people who live in Benin. Benin's population Benin's cuisine Benin's race population AU REVOIR! AU REVOIR! AU REVOIR! AU REVOIR! AU REVOIR! AU REVOIR! AU REVOIR! AU REVOIR! ciao! ciao! ciao! ciao! ciao! ciao! ciao! AU REVOIR! ciao! Usa Benin sources wikipedia.com
prezi.com http://www.iita.org/interest-in-benin Benin grows maize a.k.a corn. It is most common in the south of Benin. Benin loves to grow fruit. They grow bananas, mandarin oranges, oranges, & peanuts & ETC. First of all there is the lake village of Ganvie. it is located on the south of Benin. it is very popular with tourists. it is probably the largest lake village in Africa. it holds approximately 20,000 people. points of interest well known landmarks QUESTIONS WHERE WAS VOODOO FROM/CREATED? Benin's government Benin's government is actually Republic. Benin is situated in West Africa and is bounded to the east by Nigeria, to the north by Niger and Burkina Faso, and to the west by Togo. population: 9.05 million population: One of the places of interest is grand popo. It is along the coast of Benin. 314,768,000 black:42,772,870 white: 244,298,393 other: 46% black: 9 million white: 2,000 other:: 3,000 fun facts benin is where voodoo started. The official language of this African country is French. The motto of Benin, ‘Fraternité, Justice, Travail’, in French literally translates to ‘Fraternity, Justice and Labor’. The demonym for the country of Benin is Beninese or Beninois, in other words, the people of Benin are known as Beninese or Beninois. WHAT ARE THE BENIN PEOPLE CALLED? WHAT TYPE OF FOOD DO THEY EAT? WHERE IS BENIN LOCATED? DO YOU LIKE MUSTACHES? ( VERY IMPORTANT INFO.) http://lifestyle.iloveindia.com/lounge/facts-about-benin-10483.html FOR MONSIEUR PONDO! "MONSIEUR PONDO", EVERY TIME I HOLD UP A THUMBS UP THAT MEANS TO CLICK TO GO ON THE NEXT SLIDE! BENIN'S FLAG Benin's flag is red,green, and yellow. Yellow means wealth. Red representd courage. Green represents hope. ACTIVITY REVIEW Baylee or I or Kimberly and I will hand out one index card. you will then answer the questions on the next slide. If YOU get it all right then we have a surprise for you. ex. of prizes: pack of gum, candy, chips etc. ogbono soup
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