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davida dancer

on 28 October 2009

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Transcript of image prezi

make up FLAT IRONS
i watch too much
tv cause i start to day
dream and tend to
not listen.
VALUES: im more aware of
my surroundings when i watch more t.v.
GROUPS: again im more aware.
camera GROUPS: my camera helps me
capture the memories that will last for ever.
LIFESTYLES: some people hate that i take so many people pics but they learn to get over. many of my technolgies
is a cold media such as. . . . . two of my technologies
is hot media such as. . . . . VALUES: when my hair is straight
i feel more happy which keeps
me on task when I know
I look how i want to.
ETHICS: when its a emergency i tend to do it, which makes me very late to school.
GROUPS: no comment!
LIFESTYLE: with my flat iron
i am expected to always have my hair l00king nice.
GROUPS: the microwave
enables me to use the stove.
ETHICS: sometimes you cn't warm up everything. EX: if you buy a burger from burger king and later you want to eat and its cold you don't want to warm it up LIFESTYLE: now that i do so
great on my make-up, people
expect me to great all the time.
VALUES: my make-up keeps
me on my game.
ETHICS: my mom hates
the way i where my make-up.
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