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Element Project -Sodium

No description

Maddie Kuehn

on 24 November 2012

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Transcript of Element Project -Sodium

Sodium Chemical Symbol Na Common Names Sodium Latin Name Natrium - - - Group One Period 3 Sodium's place in the periodic table Periodic Table Sodium is an Alkali Metal Atomic Mass Protons 22.989769 u Relative Density 0.971 g/cm3 Atomic Number
11 Neutrons Electrons 11 12 11 Sodium Atom Boiling Point
892.9 degrees Celsius Freezing Point
97.72 degrees Celsius 1806 1807 Color: Silvery -White Natural State: Solid Smell: No Smell Taste: No taste as it would burn a hole through your tongue Sodium introduced to flame turns yellow Able to cut sodium with a table knife Sodium is a conductor Historical Information Sodium is a Alkali Metal Sodium was discovered in 1807 by Sir Humphry Davy
Sodium is so reactive that it is not found freely in nature
There are 18 different isotopes of sodium, but there is only one stable isotope (23Na) Sodium was discovered Noah Webster publishes his first American English dictionary. The importation of slaves into the United States is banned 1808 Pure sodium is very reactive, so it has few uses.

Sodium Chloride - table salt
Sodium Bicarbonate - baking soda
Sodium Hydroxide - used to make soap, clean drains
Sodium Acetate - in the aftermath of vinegar & baking soda volcanoes
Sodium Fluoride - often in city water to promote healthy teeth Significant Uses Environmental Pros and Cons Sodium's powdered form is highly explosive in water and a poison combined and uncombined with many other elements
Once liquid, sodium hydroxide leaches rapidly into the soil, possibly contaminating water sources Societal issues or benefits High amounts of Sodium in a diet can cause high blood pressure Sodium is necessary for muscle contraction and helps protect you from sun stroke Some animals need the sodium in the ocean to survive Interesting or Unusual Facts Sodium explodes if it touches water :) Sodium is found on the sun and many stars sodium is the 6th most abundant element on Earth.

2.6% of the Earth's crust is sodium. THE END!!!! :)
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