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History Timeline: Mickey Mouse

No description

Alexis Dimary

on 7 January 2013

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Transcript of History Timeline: Mickey Mouse

By: Alexis Tubens :D History Timeline: Mickey Mouse 1928 Artist Ub Iwerks modifies the Oswald Rabbit character,turning him into Mickey Mouse and begins to work on the first mickey cartoon produced by Walt Disney Walt Disney's first silent film featuring Mickey Mouse, "Plane Crazy" premiers as a sneak preview at a theater on sunset Blvd. in Los Angeles, California . It cost $1,772.89 to make. Minnie Mouse also debuts. 1929 After the release of Gallopin' Gaucho, The Barn Dance, The Opry House, When The Cat's Away, The Plow Boy, Disney released the Karnival Kid, where Mickey speaks his first word, "Hot Dog!" The Colony Theater in New York debuts the Mickey Mouse film Steamboat Wille , prior to the main feature Gang War. This is the sound debuts of Mickey Mouse, with Minnie Mouse (Unnamed) as a co~star. Hot Dog! Disney completes the Mickey Mouse film, Mickey's Follies. It includes the first Disney song co~written by Walt Disney, "Minnie Yoo Hoo." Several more Mickey Mouse movies are released and with the rising popularity accepts $300 from a stationary company for the right to imprint Mickey on school writing tablets. of the characters, Walt Disney 1930 first official theater based At 12:00 PM, the Mickey Mouse Club begins , at the Fox Dome Theater in Ocean Park, California. This same year, Mickey debuts a comic strip, appears in his own books and also start producing toys. 1931 more Mickey Mouse As more and movies are released, we are introduced to the character Pluto for the first time, in the film The Moose Hunt. Donald Duck his first appearance in the Adventures of Mickey Mouse. makes book The 1932 Club reaches over one million The Mickey Mouse members , while Goofy makes his first appearance in the film Mickey's Review. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts awards Walt Disney an honorable Mention Award for 'Distinctive Achievement' for creating Mickey Mouse. 1934 Mickey Mouse on the Post General Foods puts Toasties cereal box, making Mickey the first licensed character to appear on a cereal box. General Foods paid $1.5 million for this right for one year. 1935 The first technicolor Mickey Mouse film, The Band Concert released. After 1935, Disney no longer produces black and white cartoons. With Mickey France presents Disney with a special medal in recognition of the fact that Mickey is "A Mouse reaching international stardom, of Universal Good Will.'' Symbol 1937 Disney releases his first full~length motion picture Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. At the premiere, Mickey Mouse makes his first appearance as a live action character. 1938 Mickey's appearence changes with the addition of pupils. 1940 his feature film debut, in the film Mickey Mouse Makes Fantasia. The film introduced stereophonic sound and cost $2.28 million to produce. 1946 Jimmy MacDonald, the Disney studios sound~effect man, takes over the job of providing Mickey Mouse's voice from Walt Disney. 1953 The Mickey Mouse film The Simple Things released. It is his last film appearance until 1983. is 1955 Mickey Mouse Club TV show Premieres. During this Year, Disneyland opeans in California. 1966 Walt Disney passes away on December 15,1966. 1970 Mickey Mouse appears as a balloon in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade for the first time. 1971 Disney world opens in Florida. One of it's first attractions Mickey Mouse Revue Audio~Animatronics Musical is the attraction. 1977 Disney launches a new series of The All New Mickey Mouse Club on TV. During this year, Wayne Allwine becomes the new voice of Mickey. 1978 Mickey mouse gets his own Golden Star on Hollywood Boulevard's to be honored. Walk of Fame. He is the first cartoon 1983 After three decades of the silver screen , Mickey returns to the theaters in the short film Mickey's Christmas Carol. The Disney Cable channel is also launched this year. 1984 Mickey Mouse Appears in a video game for personal Adventure. computers called Mickey's Space 1987 "Ear Force One," the Mickey Mouse Hot Air Balloon takes flight for the first time. 1989 Mickey gets his own money at Disney Themparks called Disney Dollars. Mickey appears on the $1 bill. Another version of The Mickey Mouse Club also airs on the Disney Channel. 1993 Mickey Fans get a treat when Disneyland opens Mickey's Toontown which includes Mickey's house. Soon after, the concept is repeated at Disneyworld and features Minnie's House as well. 2006 At the age of 78, Mickey joins the 21st centuray by going CGI. In 2006, a 3D Mickey premiered to the world in his new TV show Micky Mouse Clubhouse.
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