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The BristleBot

No description

ricky alba

on 8 May 2014

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Transcript of The BristleBot

First you get the wire cutters and cut the head of a tooth brush. Then you cut a little piece of foam and stick it on the head. Then you cut a piece of the 2 sided tape and place it on the foam.

After that you stick 1 wire to the tape and place the battery on top of it. Next you tape the other wire to the battery.
When I place the motor on the head and connect the wires to the battery, the power of vibration will cause it to move.
Toothbrush head
pacer motor
1 sided sticky foam
2 sided tape
watch battery/s
tooth picks
wire cutters
super glue {optional}

"The Motor"
The motor is very important to the BristleBot. It is what allows it to move. Without the motor, the robot will not function right.
"The Battery"
It depends on what you use the battery for determines how long it will last. Factory batteries last longer. It all depends on what you use it for.
"Cool Facts"
BristleBots have a cool collective motion. When you add more to a confined area, they tend to “swarm.” Sometimes the swarm will stay where it is and sometimes it will move. Sometimes the ones who leave the swarm come back later. Why they bunch has not yet been explained.
The BristleBot
By:Ricky Alba

Subsection 4
The BristleBot was founded in 2001. The man who founded it was Neil A. Downie. It became very famous when Neil A. Downie wrote a book about it. The BristleBot influenced a toy that is very popular now; the Hexbug Nano.
I saw that every time the robot would turn one way, the weight would shift and it would fall over. I couldn’t find the right spot to place the motor so the weight was even.

To fix it I put a toothpick into the foam on each side. This kept it upright.

Making the BristleBot was really fun. I would recomend it to anyone. It's really easy and cheap to make. Everything went good.
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