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Math and music Project

No description

Michelle Gomez

on 29 March 2017

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Transcript of Math and music Project

What is a mathematical pattern?
-repeated design or recurring sequence.
-There are patterns beneath every music
-Notes are placed into groups that make the melodic structure
-In mathematics, we look for patterns to explain and predict the unknown.
How do math and music relate?
-All Music is written in mathematical patterns that are simetries
-In math there is always a pattern to be found, also in music. A person should know and relate the patterns with each other and how they interact.
-Even if different instruments share a pattern the speed and sound of it will change

How can we combine the different tones and patterns of each instrument to make a nice melody?
All instruments will be playing in the same time signature and all the instruments will follow a similar rhythm or rhythms that contrast.
- Musical pieces are divided into sections called measures or bars, and they all have the same time signature.
The time signature is written in a fraction that tells the musician how to play the melody.
-Each note has a different value or length, that can be expressed in a fraction.
-Different notes in each measure add up to the number of beats stated in the time signature.
The repeating repeating choruses and bars create patterns using things like dissonance and consonance in music.
Each note produces an individual sound for a certain amount of time that helps create patterns when played with other notes.
Music and its basics
Math and music Project
The musical scale is divided into fractions to create the different sounds.
Math and Music
-Each measure is divided into equal portions called beats.
- All music follows the time signature, but different notes are used to create patterns and sounds that go well together.
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