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Confident Communication

Insight into communicating powerfully for IST.

Alyssa Jones

on 20 March 2013

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Transcript of Confident Communication

*Everyone will receive two questions at random (one warm up, one more challenging)

*Try to incorporate speaking techniques; the group will provide constructive feedback after your turn

*You must speak for 1-2 minutes for each topic
-green = time met
-yellow = nearing time limit
-red = met/passed time limit
Turning Point:
Acknowledge Speaking Techniques Success Through Practice: Challenge: Nervousness Confident Communication *Being nervous isn't bad

*Your audience wants you to succeed

*Don't apologize for mistakes! Your butterflies can fly in formation Table Topics *Organize & structure your thoughts
*Make eye contact with everyone
*Respond to the audience
*Remain calm! Focus on your message
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