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Scottish Independence

A prezi about scottish independence

Rachel Gray-Brown

on 26 November 2013

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Transcript of Scottish Independence

Scottish Independence
What is Independence?
Independence is when a country chooses self rule. This means in the case of Scotland we would break away from the United Kingdom (England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales) and decide for ourselves about defense, and about if we wanted to send our soldiers to war or not. Independence for any country is decided with a vote. A vote for independence is when people who would like and who are old enough to vote go to a polling station (which is normally a school or a big sports hall, open all day) and tell the people who work there your name and address so they can make sure you are on the list. They will give you a piece of ballot paper that you vote on and then you take your paper to a small polling booth so that you can vote in secret and put a cross on the candidate or yes/no vote you would prefer. After the day of the vote/election all the votes get counted.
Yes Scotland
Yes Scotland is an organization made up of individuals and organizations campaigning for a yes vote in the Scottish independence election in 2014.Yes Scotland would like Scotland to be free from nuclear weapons and say that we can "be a nation again!" as it says in our national anthem.
Q. Can Scotland afford to be independent?
A.Yes, Scotland can afford to be independent, because we are high in resources we will still be able to run on our own without any help.
Q. What about immigration?
A. Immigration would be quite the same to what it is now, the changes would depend on who was elected for the Scottish government.
Q. What would happen with Scottish defense?
A. Independence for Scotland means that we would get a say in what our forces do.
My Opinion
I think that Scotland would work well independently. I have chosen to support Scotland as an independent country. My first reason is because a lot of our nuclear weapons that are kept in Faslane(near Glasgow) are there for no point and therefore we have no use for them. I don't think that we will be attacked and be forced to fight with any other country so there is no need for nuclear weapons. I agree that Scotland would manage to be independent again as we were before. Scotland has enough money and resources to be an independent nation so we could afford it. Because of Scotland's popularity we would have even more tourism than we have now which would mean we would have more money. Scotland has lots of Scottish athletes and if we became an independent country we would have a Scottish team in the Rio Olympics which would mean that we would be noticed even more.
Better Together
Better Together is an organization made up of individuals and organizations campaigning for a no vote in the Scottish independence election in 2014. Better together say that we should be proud to be british and that Scotland has been part of the UK for the past 300 years or so.
Q. Can Scotland afford to be independent?
A.No, Scotland is a country that has oil and gas but when this supply ends what next?
Q. What would happen with Scottish defense?
A.The British army works well the way it is and is probably the best trained army in the world and it is well respected. Would this be put at risk?
For Independence
Scotland could be richer-
Scotland will continue to produce oil and gas into the second half of this century and so we would get more money out of it.
Scotland would be fairer-
Scotland would be fairer because it would be ruled by the people that we voted for.
Scottish people pay enough taxes-
People in Scotland pay more taxes to the UK government than the rest of the UK.
Independence may mean that there would be less nuclear weapons in Scotland.
Scotland IS a separate nation-
Scotland has been independent before and there is nothing to say we cant be again, we had our own kings and queens, our own culture, legal systems and our own history.

We can't afford it-
Some companies may not invest in Scotland if we become independent.
Being british is better in a dangerous world-
Would an independent Scotland be part of the UN(United Nations) or NATO(North Atlantic Treaty Organization).
Keeping nuclear weapons makes sense-
keeping nuclear weapons might stop people attacking us.
Scots are well looked after in the UK-
Scotland do well in terms of financial support compared to the rest of the UK and may be worse off as an independent country.
If we became an independent country we might have to use euros-
Since we would be an independent country would all of our money have to get changed or would this be too much hastle?
Against Independence
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