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Peer Counseling!

No description

on 21 August 2015

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Transcript of Peer Counseling!

What am I expected to
do each week?
- About 1-2 assignments each week
- 1 to 3 hours each week
-Print off the pacing guide to keep track!
Taking off!
Grace Period
- First 21 Days
(14 days for summer classes)
- Drop without penalty
- After the grace period, you will receive either a "Withdrawn Failing" or "Withdrawn Passing" depending on your grade at the time.
Academic Integrity
The work you submit is yours and not copied from a web site or a friend.
Examples include:
- Copying and pasting answers from the internet/friend
- Using a document and only changing a few words
- Not citing a source if you used one

Turnitin.com will catch it! Don't try!
Contacting Mrs. Davis
Anytime you need to talk to me, go to mrsdavis1.youcanbook.me You can find a link on the announcement page. (Below is a picture of what the link looks like on your announcement page)
Welcome to Peer Counseling
with Mrs. Davis!

Times you will need to talk to Mrs. Davis
- Within the next week schedule your welcome call
- Once a month we will do a monthly call with both parent and student
- Discussion Based Assessment (DBA)
Things to know!
- Always read the feedback for each assignment.
- You can redo assignments!
- The best way to reach Mrs. Davis is email and text, although you are welcome to call during office hours (which can be found on the announcement page).
- Mrs. Davis doesn't work on weekends or district-wide holidays.
- We have tutoring on Wednesdays from
1-2:30 Math tutoring; 2:30-4 other subjects
(725 S. Calhoun St.)
**No tutoring in the summer**
Plan for Success
1. Turn in 1 assignments each week
2. If Mrs. Davis contacts you, respond within 24 hours.
3. Do assignments in order
Go ahead and get started!
Log into flvs.net and start working! Make sure to set up a time for your welcome call by clicking the link on your announcement page.
You will be withdrawn at the end of your grace period if...

-You are less that 18% complete in the course.
-Your grade is an F (less than 59.5%).
-You are skipping around on assignments.
-The welcome call is not completed.
-You are not responding to my communications to you.

Even after the grace period you can still be withdrawn from the class if you are not working or responding
to my calls/emails/texts.
What will get me withdrawn?
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