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Cell Analogy

No description

Sarah Garner

on 15 November 2012

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Transcript of Cell Analogy

Cell Analogy Animal Cell vs Plant Cell Cell Wall & City Limits The cell wall is like the city limits because it determines the shape and controls the cell growth in the same way the city limits is the outline and shape of the city, and limits the growth of the city. Chloroplasts & Grocery Stores The chloroplast is like a grocery store because it produces food for the cell in the same way the grocery stores provide food for Rock Hill. By Sarah Garner and Trevor Osborne Nucleus vs Hospital The nucleus is like a hospital because it contains the DNA of the cell in the same way the hospital stores the DNA information for the city. Nucleolus vs Hospital Front Desk The nucleolus is like a hospital front desk because it assembles ribosomes in the same way the front desk gathers and hires doctors. Ribosomes vs Doctors The ribosomes are like doctors because they are responsible for assembling the proteins of a cell much like doctors are responsible for delivering babies. Smooth ER vs The Dump The smooth er is like the dump because it is the digestion and detoxicification of the cell in the same way the dump "digests and detoxifies" trash in the city. Central Vacuole vs Sewer The central vacuole is like the sewer because it transports water and minerals in the same way the sewer transports water and sewage. Lysosomes vs Morgue The lysosomes are like the morgue because it breaks down all the types of biological polymers (including proteins) in the same way the morgue "breaks down" the deceased (organs are taken out, prepared for burial or cremation). Centrioles vs RHSD3 The centrioles are like RHSD3 because it helps with cell division in the same way RHSD3 divides the city into different zones for schools. Cell Membrane vs Police The cell membrane is like the police force because it protects the contents of the inside of the cell (from harmful substances) in the same way the police protect citizens from harmful occurrences and people. Microtubules vs Roads Microtubules are like roads because it moves vesicles, granules, organelles and chromosomes in the same way roads provide a way for cars, trucks and other transportation to move. Rough ER vs Neighborhoods The rough ER is like the neighborhoods because it provides an internal structural skeleton and is storage for synthesized materials and minerals such as proteins in the same way neighborhoods house people and provide an internal skeleton of sorts. Cytoplasm vs Grass/Dirt The cytoplasm is like grass/dirt because it forms the ground substance of a cell in the same way grass/dirt forms the ground substance of the city. Golgi Apparatus vs
Schools The golgi apparatus is like the schools because it modifies, sorts and packages proteins in the same way schools modify our intelligence, sorts us based upon skill level, and prepares and sends us off to college. Vacuole vs Garbage Truck The vacuole is like a garbage truck because it removes unwanted structural debris and is the containment of waste to the cell in the same way a garbage truck contains waste products and rids the city of debris and harmful substances. Mitochondria vs
Power Plant The mitochondria is like the power plant because it is the "engine house" of the cell in the same way the power plant provides energy for the city.
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