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miesem baradey

on 12 August 2013

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Transcript of WHO .......HEALTHIER WORLD

World Health Assembly
The World Health Assembly is the decision-making
body of WHO
meet every year in May in Geneva
All 194 member states represent by
health ministers
The Executive Board
The Executive Board is composed of
Member States
each one is represented by individuals technically qualified
in the field of health
Member States are elected for three-year
The Board meets at least twice a year:
the main meeting is normally in
,with a second shorter meeting in
, immediately after the Health Assembly
WHO fund
Dr Margaret Chan, Director-General of WHO
Dr Joy St John
Chairman of the Executive Board
Tenth meeting
16 January 2004 Provisional agenda
Opening of the meeting and adoption of the agenda
Programme evaluation
• Evaluation activities in 2003
Proposed evaluations for 2004
Evaluation of the Coordinating Committee on Health
11th General Programme of Work
and Proposed programme budget 2006-2007
The main functions of the Board are
to carry out the decisions and policies of the Assembly,
to advise it and to facilitate its work
to make report for WHA
13-18 May 2002 Agenda
Opening of the Assembly
Reports of the Executive Board
Invited speaker
Executive Board: election
The total WHO budget planned for 2006-2007
is roughly$US 3.3 billion.
Of this amount, just over one quarter
comes from regular “dues” from WHO’s Member States,
while more than 70% is money that countries,
agencies and other partners give to WHO voluntarily.
the WHO is a UN sub organization
WHA is decision-maker ,meets every year
executive board carries out the decisions, facilitate work of WHA,meets twice
most of budget by donation
Assembly and Executive Board
As of 2012, the WHO has 194 member states
Regional offices &
Country offices
WHO Member States are grouped into six regions. Each region has a regional office. The map shows the WHO regions
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