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2014 Voices & Values Journey

No description

Kari Lawry

on 12 March 2014

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Transcript of 2014 Voices & Values Journey

2014 Voices & Values Kick Off
Drive: Corporate Citizenship thru
The Con-way Charitable Foundation
Lori Zoellner & Benevity
Core: Voices & Values Celebration
Our opportunity to celebrate the people and culture that make up our GREAT place to work!

1. Name Change Communication - Zo
2. Video update - KBro
3. eStar Card & Appreciatology Site Launch - KLo


4. Making it Great! - Community Service Challenge - Zo
5. Constitutions - Janee
6. Managers Communication Tool Kit - KBro
7. What are you doing?
Next Steps
Due to
Kari Brodzinski
Complete CIRs - 2/24
Update CIR plan with your leadership- 3/3
Update CIRs with Doug - new date tbd
Due to
Lori Zoellner
Review Benevity Site & provide feedback 2/28
Complete Charitable Organization Survey 2/28
Pick Acronym names for Con-way C.A.R.E.S. 2/18
Due to
Donna Isley
Constitution quantities - 2/17
Distribution lists - 2/28
Translations - 2/17

Foundation - Our Focused Strategy
Enterprise Goals:
The "Roadmap"
Agenda for Today:
1. Overview - our mission
2. Our 2014 strategy
3. CIR's
4. Con-way Foundation
5. Voices & Values Celebration
6. Wrap up, next steps
Where we're going
Action Plan:
How to get there...
The Enterprise Voices & Values Team:

Supports, promotes and provides meaning and emotional connection to a workforce searching for employment that offers more than just a paycheck. That connection translates into increased commitment and pride, which in turn results in higher retention and discretionary effort."
In 2014 we will positively impact our
employees and business results by:

Reaching Hands Theme

Hands are colored like the Con-way values stars, tying our them into our theme.

The multiple hands are used to represent the idea of many different people working together (diversity).

Voices & Values stars in the center as a focal point.

A lot of prominent white space for signatures.

Mountain Climbing Theme

The mountain climber silhouette acts as a metaphor to visually communicate how Con-way’s employees count on each other to succeed. We are a team.

The mission statement is basecamp, the starting point of the journey. It’s the one idea that is the same for each business unit.

By following our values, we can climb to the highest peak and reach the ultimate goal.

The vision is that goal, something all employees strive to reach.

Portland warehouse update
White, pearlized Con-way folders = 11,700
Blue Con-way folders = 1,600
Legend of Con-way books = 209 boxes (6/box)


Send order quantities to Donna Isley (isley.donna@con-way.com) by Feb 17.

Send distribution lists to Donna Isley by Feb 28.

Excluding Con-way Freight: all CWF constitutions will be sent to Deb Woodall for distribution.

Confirm translations needed:
Menlo: Typical 12 languages?
Freight: French Canadian?
Truckload: Spanish (MX) - confirmed

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