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FM2: Producers and Audiences - The British Film Industry

No description

Robert Maddison

on 22 April 2013

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Transcript of FM2: Producers and Audiences - The British Film Industry

A GOLDEN ERA? Some argue that Britian is in a GOLDEN ERA of film British Films are enjoying Global & Box Office Success Funding of Independent British Film is increasing difficult http://news.sky.com/home/showbiz-news/article/16087382 Boom or Bust? Lottery & Government Funding In charge of lottery funding for British Film Projects Main source of film funding in UK Very Competitive 90% rejected BFI Film Fund £18million develop National strategy for film Fund London region films £4,000 per year Shorts set up 1/10/11 £490,000 Film Culture Fund For 'Regional Companies' Grants between £2,000 and £50,000 per project NEW THE BRITISH FILM INDUSTRY HOW TO FUND A BRITISH FILM? OTHER WAYS OF FUNDING A BRITISH FILM? TV CHANNELS 'Feature Film 'arm' http://www.bbc.co.uk/bbcfilms/ 8 feature films per year http://www.film4.com/features/article/about-film4-productions co-finance 8 feature films per year PRIVATE FINANCE WHY IS FUNDING BRITISH FILM IMPORTANT? 2010 British Films contributed to British Economy in £4.5 billion The British Film Industry provides jobs 100,000 British Film increases tourism revenues to UK 1/10 Merchandising associated with British films brings in money £237 million Promotes NATIONAL AUDIENCES Do British audiences like British film? shift in last 9 years in audience taste home grown success leads to better home box office GLOBAL NATIONAL Top 10 all US films Mix of epic, franchises, comedy, animation & family films 3 UK films in top 10 top 3 highest grossing all UK films audience preference A SUMMARY THE CURRENT STATE OF THE BRITISH FILM INDUSTRY Enjoying national box office success & global critical acclaim HOW ARE BRITISH FILMS FUNDED? The BFI responsible for awarding funding - £18M but only 10% success rate Economic downturn means little investment in a 'risky' business Most independent British films will find funding from a number of different sources FILMS CURRENTLY POPULAR WITH BRITISH AUDIENCES? Comedy / Sci Fi Fantasy / Action / Horror Sequels / Franchises / Adapted from TV or popular book / comics UK (national) films HOW DID THIS FILM BECOME SUCH A SUCCESS? Who do you think the target audience is? Is it a low, mid or high budget film? How do you think it was funded? How might the film have been marketed? 1 UK film cultural life British identity diversity an International Stage award Lottery funding to film production, distribution, education, audience development and market intelligence and research. Lesson objectives

- To complete our individual case studies

- To explore the British film Industry and the success of mainstream British films

- To obtain a sound understanding of the production process of filmmaking
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