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China's Legacy

No description

Raven Warford

on 28 April 2015

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Transcript of China's Legacy

Main Ideas...
The Achievements of the Shang and Zhou dynasties can be felt to this day
The Qin and Han dynasties created strong centralized governments and unified China and shaped Chinese civilization for thousands of years.
The Han dynasty was a time of social change.
Shang Dynasty
The Shang dynasty formed ~1766 B.C -1050 B.C
They ruled in the northeastern regions of the area known as "China proper", in the Yellow River valley.
Zhou Dynasty
Established new dynasty c. 1050-400 B.C
Divided into two periods
Western Zhou
Eastern Zhou
New Philosophies
Mrs. Warford
World History A

China's Legacy
Key Questions
1. What were the achievements of the Shang Dynasty?
2. How did China change during the Zhou dynasty?
3. What were the new philosophies introduced in China?
4. How did the Qin dynasty unify and expand China?
5. How did the Han dynasty restore unity and strengthen China's government?

Government & Society
Centered on the idea of ancestor worship
Through the spirits of the ancestors the Shang connected w/gods
Kings consulted the gods through
Oracle bones
Inscribed bits of animal bones or turtle shell
Specially trained priests interpreted the meaning
Shang Achievements
Written language
Questions asked from Oracle Bones
Picture symbols which represented objects and ideas
Decorative bronze vessels and objects
used in religious rituals
Huge tombs
Calendar -based on the cycles of the moon.
May have created world's 1st systems of money
Zhou Government
Defended attack on Shang dynasty
Shang's lost their
Mandate of Heaven
The idea that the gods would support a just ruler, but not the ones who are corrupt
Shang were overthrown because they lost the gods favor
Zhou Achievement
Iron work
Backbone of economy
cheap and quick
Weaponry- Catapult
Decline of Zhou
Conflict arose - Clan leaders within China rose up against the king
time passed more local leaders rose up
Warring States Period:
small states headed by nobles fought for land and power
Zhou power almost non-existent by mid-200
Established by Kongfuzi (Confucius)
Focuses on improving society
Belief that people should treat one another humanely
Goal: Restore respect for tradition so society can become stable and orderly
Dealt mainly with family structure
Encourages people to retreat from laws of society
Concept of Dao - "The way"
all things nature are connected
finding one's place in nature the possibility of achieving harmony within the universe
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